Global Esports Federation announces Executive appointments

By | January 16, 2024
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The Global Esports Federation announces key updates to its organizational structure with the introduction of the GEF 5.0 strategy for the 2024-2028 cycle. These changes underscore the GEF’s commitment to innovation, impact, and growth in the dynamic world of esports and entertainment.

GEF CEO, Paul J. Foster, announced the Senior Executive Team (SET) which will lead across core strategic divisions.

Rustam Aghasiyev, Chief of Staff, leads the Executive Office Division including oversight of the Global Esports Games, GEFcon, GEFestival, and Global Brand and Communications teams.

Mark Chay, Chief Development Officer, leads the Commercial and Administration Division, focusing on commercial partnerships, revenue, and the Finance, Business & People teams.

Mario Cilenti, Chief Operating Officer, leads the Operations Division, overseeing all Operations, Community, Membership, and together with newly promoted Executive Director, Programs and Content, Eric F. Brinkley, leads the global Event Program, Esports and Content teams.

Thanos Karagrounas, Chief Impact Officer, leads the Strategy and Impact Division, focusing on Strategic Partnerships with International Organizations. He also continues as Chief Operating Officer for the Global Esports Academy.

CEO Paul J. Foster expressed his confidence, stating: “With innovation comes change, and we believe these strategic appointments will respond to the evolving expectations of our #worldconnected community. The collective ability of our teams to innovate, build, and grow inspires me every day, and we look forward to shaping this next chapter, together.”

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