Golden Nugget Slot Jackpot Hit for $1.2 Million

By | December 9, 2021

Boy do we love bringing you news like this! Another big win! And this time it’s a Golden Nugget slot jackpot! So congratulations to yet another lucky player who was spinning the reels in downtown Las Vegas last week!

The player wanted to remain anonymous (except to the IRS, of course) but ended up winning just short of $1.2 million bucks! And can you guess what sort of slot machine they were playing?

If you said a Wheel of Fortune slot, then way to go! Of course, that’s a pretty obvious choice. The specific amount won (before taxes) was $1,195,000.11.

The Golden Nugget slot jackpot is the second jackpot in recent weeks, as a Station Casinos player hit a jackpot over $170,000 on a bet of $8.80 on the Dancing Drums slot machine. That player also wanted to remain anonymous.

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