GR8 Tech’s iFrame: Rapid Sportsbook Integration

By | November 28, 2023
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GR8 Tech presents GR8 iFrame, a streamlined integration product for its high-performance sportsbook platform. It is ideal for casinos looking to expand their offerings to include sports betting, as well as for operators who wish to offer multiple sportsbook options to their players to enhance their experience with more quality content.

GR8 iFrame not only promises rapid deployment but also ensures that operators can leverage the full power of GR8 Sportsbook, known for its excellence in the global market. This includes access to a comprehensive betting feed and cutting-edge risk management services.

Key features of GR8 iFrame include:

  • Seamless UX: Incorporates seamless login and wallet functionalities.
  • Customizable UI: Allows for brand-specific customization of the user interface.
  • Promotional Flexibility: Supports freebets, bonuses and others, triggered via webhook from CRM, bet conditions, player list campaigns, etc.

GR8 Tech CEO, Evgen Belousov, notes, “GR8 iFrame is all about giving our operator clients the power to diversify and enhance their offerings quickly and easily. With this product, engaging audiences and expanding business has never been simpler.

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