Greek Aspirations: A Legal Perspective on Soft2Bet’s Entry with General Counsel David Yatom Hay

By | August 22, 2023
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In a market as dynamic and heavily regulated as iGaming, making the right move at the right time is crucial. As Soft2Bet sets its sights on the Greek iGaming arena, we had the opportunity to speak with the company’s General Counsel, David Yatom Hay. With an eye for detail and a knack for navigating complex regulatory landscapes, David offers invaluable insights into Soft2Bet’s strategic entry into Greece. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the legal challenges, market prospects, and what it really takes to make a mark in a new territory. Stay tuned as David Yatom unveils the intricate layers of Soft2Bet’s Greek Odyssey.

Can you describe the process and challenges, if any, faced in acquiring the A1 License in Greece?

We have the privilege of closely collaborating with the Hellenic Gambling Commission, and we deeply value their commitment to assisting us in securing this license. Their efficient processes, combined with the expertise of our compliance team, have made our interactions seamless. Our team’s prior experience in securing our recent operating license in Greece further streamlined our recent endeavors. Our compliance professionals have continuously been diligently working on multiple license applications, showcasing their proficiency in securing any license the company sets its sights on.

How do you think this B2B license will change Soft2Bet’s operations within the Greek market, particularly in relation to your recent acquisition of the Greek B2C License?

Securing a license was not only a regulatory obligation for our operations in Greece but also a pivotal step in our long-term company strategy. This move strengthens our B2B approach and empowers us to extend our advanced technological solutions to other operators, including those in the Greek market. With this license, we can cater to both existing and prospective operators in Greece. We pride ourselves on our distinctive products and designs, which give us a competitive edge. We are now ideally positioned to provide these specialized services for operators looking to elevate their offerings, design, user experience, and overall technological operations.

Soft2Bet has a demonstrated commitment to operating within regulated markets across Europe. How does the Greek market fit into your larger European strategy?

Soft2Bet consistently seeks opportunities in regulated markets and remains alert to possibilities for obtaining relevant licenses. While numerous European markets are filled with operators, the Greek market is distinct. It’s competitive but not yet oversaturated, offering Soft2Bet a chance to showcase its gaming expertise. As we move forward, Soft2Bet is committed to broadening its reach to additional regulated markets, emphasizing its dedication to growth and excellence.

Finally, can you share a bit more about the future plans of Soft2Bet, especially in relation to your growth and expansion in other regulated markets?

As mentioned earlier, we continuously strive to secure more licenses and broaden our reach into established and emerging markets. We aim to evolve as a supplier, and the recent acquisition of our B2B license in Greece underscores this strategic vision. Additionally, we remain committed to enhancing our technological capabilities and elevating the gaming experience we offer.

 You mentioned that obtaining this license exemplifies the best of partnerships with HGC. Can you elaborate on the nature of this collaboration?

Soft2Bet is thrilled about the recent B2B license acquisition in Greece, and we have exciting plans for its utilization. Our primary focus is to leverage this license for our B2C operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for our own platform.

However, our ambitions don’t stop there. In parallel with our B2C endeavors, we are determined to support and enhance our B2B expansion efforts. Soft2Bet is committed to extending our platform’s capabilities to existing operators in Greece and welcoming any new operators aiming to enter these markets in the future.

What sets us apart from other turnkey providers is our product’s excellence, exceptional design, and player experience including, specifically, our gamification features. These unique qualities not only enhance our own operations but also provide an unparalleled edge to other operators who choose to collaborate with us.

We firmly believe that our services will be a game-changer for operators in Greece, and we are hopeful that they will recognize the value we bring to the table. Soft2Bet is ready to offer top-notch support and expertise to all operators who make the smart choice of partnering with us.

With this recent B2B license, Soft2Bet is poised for an exciting and successful journey in the Greek market, and we look forward to making a positive impact on the industry.

This license enables Soft2Bet to offer supplier services to operators in the Greek market. Can you tell us a bit more about the services you plan to offer?

This license allows us to offer gaming and betting platform services – which is the core of our solutions at Soft2Bet. Our tech especially stands out for its unique gamification features, extensive localization, and broad capabilities for personalization – three crucial aspects of modern iGaming solutions, demanded by all operators striving for leadership positions in any given market. These highly gamified, locally relevant solutions that can be adjusted to certain needs and requirements of the Greek audience, are already anticipated in the market and, I believe, will help us secure a decent share among other providers.

Soft2Bet is dedicated to enhancing its technological offerings. How does the acquisition of this license align with your technology roadmap?

We are always working on innovative technologies and unique features that differentiate us from other providers. Our user-friendly platform with wide customization capabilities, combined with our gamification and localization services, sets us apart from competitors. There’s great demand for these products and services, and we are committed to expanding our reach in Europe and beyond, to ensure sustained growth. Our Greek license is another crucial step in realization of this strategy.

As you focus on expanding your B2B engagements, what types of collaborations are you looking to foster in the Greek market?

Our goal is to reach out to both current and prospective operators in the market to provide our technological package. We are eager to collaborate with operators who share our vision of achieving great things and are searching for innovative solutions to elevate their businesses.

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