Harness the fusion energy in Wild Fusion

By | November 29, 2021
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Use the power of fusion to combine elements into massive winnings in this 5 by 5, match 3 new game from Golden Hero. Wild Fusion takes place in a fusion reactor, run by the happy working robot Fusion Bot. This new, groundbreaking game will be launched on 1 December 2021.

Golden Hero’s latest slot game is a non-traditional, high volatility grid slot game designed in a spiral pattern twisting around the screen hence creating a game experience that is extraordinary. With the help of the robot, Fusion Bot, the goal is to match symbols in this futuristic fast-paced game that never lets up. Wild Fusion has stunning animations, fast action and the friendliest robot players will ever meet.

Shaun Cowles, Commercial Director at Libita Group, owning the brand Golden Hero, sums it up: “This game has been in the making for a long time and we are thrilled to finally launch it. The unique game play is groundbreaking and a lot of fun.  We hope the players will love it as much as we do!”

Fuse 3 or more symbols together to create a nucleus and release energy that will result in a win and keep Fusion Bot happy. All winning symbols are removed from the board and once all wins are scored the remaining symbols cascade towards the center of the board following the spiral track. New symbols appear to fill the board. Thanks to Fusion Bot and the special symbols in the base game players get extra chances of reaching Fusion Mode for more chances to higher winnings!

Game play and features

Wins are achieved by getting 3 or more consecutive symbols in a horizontal or vertical line. Symbols can be part of multiple winning combinations. Each winning combination without any wilds may generate a wild to replace one winning symbol. Winning symbols are removed from the board.

Once all wins are scored the remaining symbols cascade towards the center and new ones appear to fill up the board. At the start of each base game spin, the board is fully locked. All winning symbols unlock the board underneath them and once the board is fully unlocked, Fusion Mode is awarded. Special symbols can appear after any cascade. They activate when there are no winline wins. Activation can trigger new wins and more cascades.


Fusion Mode

In Fusion Mode, the fusion reactor is powered up and activated and the game background turns red. In Fusion Mode, the free spins are unlimited as long as there are winnings and any winning combination awards 3 more attempts to win. This gives you the chance to win time and time again.

Core Win Multiplier

The sticky Core Wild is added in Fusion Mode. Any winning combinations containing the Core Wild have their win value multiplied by the multiplier value. The multiplier value increases with winnings and as the Core Wild gets closer to the center of the board. Starting on x1 the Core Win Multiplier can go up to a maximum multiplier value of x50 the total bet.

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