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By | May 10, 2023
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The #hipthers are delighted to introduce Darek Hiliński, Chief Growth Officer of our Right Energy Sponsors for the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit, Rite NRG!

Rite NRG is a Polish-Swedish IT consulting hub, where a close-knit assembly of under 70 experts integrate IT services, delivery consulting, and digital transformation. They foster an analytical approach to guiding businesses through the multifaceted digital realm.

Darek Hiliński is a seasoned Manager with extensive experience in the Technology sector. #Hipther had the pleasure to catch up with him in our previous sold-out Tech Event, the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit 2023 that took place in March, and we were thrilled to discover his contagious positive energy! In this interview, he will share more about himself and Rite NRG – the Right Energy Sponsor for MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit!


Hello Darek! Thank you for taking the time to catch up, it’s a great pleasure to speak with you again! Would you take a minute to introduce yourself to our readers in your own words, please?

Hey there! I’m Darek from Rite NRG, and yes, I’ve got the right energy (pun intended).
Technology has always been my playground, from my uni days in Sydney AU to my postgrad adventures in Coventry UK. When I’m not being a full-time super dad to my amazing daughter Roma, you can find me indulging in my passions for riding bikes, making music, surfing and testing my body’s resilience with fasting and icy dips. You know, just keeping things exciting!


What do you do as a Chief Growth Officer in Rite NRG? Beyond job descriptions, what do you consider to be the key points in your work? And what’s your main goal?

I might wear the sales hat, but my true superpower lies in forging human bonds. It’s been my joyride, steering countless thrilling initiatives. Sure, life’s a rollercoaster, but nothing beats authentic relationships.
As we all race through today’s fast-paced market it’s crucial not to lose our grip on core values. So my main focus is on creating something amazing together whenever the time is #rite for both parties! My experience demonstrates that this is the #riteway; however, in the majority of cases, business is propelled by aggressive KPIs. Seizing the opportunity to elevate the human factor, to stand out and be remembered, is essential when the chance arises. That is why I’m really fascinated by the way you pave the ground to keep networking on such a high level during these tech events!


Going back to the big picture and introductions, please tell us more about Rite NRG, the company’s work and objectives.

This is yet another chapter of my life story because, let’s not sugarcoat it, RITE creates a rather unique environment in the IT world. Why? Find me another company that, along with steady organic growth (100% YoY), places such a strong emphasis on culture fit and understanding the values of their business partners. Working in such an environment means we often understand each other without speaking a word. And the best part? Our clients appreciate it, and they rarely drift away. Some do, but most return and value our consultative approach, openness, and unparalleled speed in action. What’s ahead? We’ll maintain our growth trajectory by attracting talents who truly resonate with Rite NRG’s vision for doing business


What is it that differentiates Rite NRG from its competition? And how does your own work influence that?

That’s an excellent question I’ve touched on earlier. Essentially, we trust that the right attitude, paired with boundless energy and a thirst for self-betterment, creates a powerful blend that exceeds any “delivery” expectation. Sure, others might say the same, but do they deliver? We do! It takes extraordinary precision across the whole “supply chain” but the payoff is phenomenal. As I mentioned in a LinkedIn post, “We are the ones creating music… We perform for every occasion, yet not for every listener.” I’m entirely in tune with Rite NRG’s values, and our collective harmony makes any extra engine oil redundant. Perpetual motion? We’re not there yet… but give us a few years, and watch this space! :))


Tell us more about your work with iGaming and casino companies: your personal experience, the connection of Rite NRG with the sector. What other industries do you cover?

The gaming industry is always buzzing with excitement! We genuinely enjoy the experience and, most importantly, have a fantastic time working on it. Our skills and approach have taken us to the point where we’ve built an iGaming platform for one of Europe’s biggest providers and are now crafting another for the Asian market. Chances are you know these companies quite well 😛
As we cherish diversity, our passion extends also to medtech, fintech, blockchain, IoT, and banking. This is where Rite’s co-founders initially spread their wings and gained the solid experience that propelled the company forward. So yes, from that point onwards, our legacy has resonated more and more.
It’s no coincidence that Monika Szwed, holding a senior business analyst position at Rite, is joining the speakers’ panel in Riga, as I firmly believe that everything starts with a proper understanding and challenging of a client’s vision. Why do we have such faith in this approach? Many clients think that having just an idea and a team is enough, but a thorough business analysis breaks down potential problems into manageable pieces. And you know what? We apply this approach as the starting point for every industry in which we operate!


Closing, how do you see the future in Tech, Gaming and Software Development? What’s more in demand right now in terms of skill set and services, and how do you think this could evolve?

Hmm, I believe AI will have a significant impact on how we, as consumers, perceive the final product and influence it as creators. I feel that the ongoing changes will make human interactions even more important, which I’m quite pleased about because the human factor is crucial, and its further evolution can only be beneficial. Regardless, I still think people will create products for other people, at least on a commercial level . As for the competition between AI and humans from a consumer perspective, I believe AI will only further fuel our human creativity.

On a more down-to-earth note, my feeling is that the software development industry will need to become even more personalised and customer-focused in terms of both business ethics and the desire to be more natural in their approach. Rite has been aiming in this direction for quite a few years now!

Thank you so much for your time Darek, and for this opportunity for us and our readers to get to know you and Rite NRG better! We look forward to seeing you in Riga, on 16-17 May!


The MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit brings together top decision-makers and business influencers, C-level executives, compliance experts and government officials from a variety of industries: iGaming, eSports, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, FashionTech, and more.

Rite NRG will play an important role in Hipther’s upcoming MARE BALTICUM Gaming & Tech Summit in Riga, on May 16-17: they are the event’s “Right Energy” Sponsors, and one of their executives, Monika Szwed, Senior Business Analyst at Rite NRG, will be speaking at the panel moderated by Astra Tikas, “Decentralizing the Future: Insights from Blockchain Business Analysts, Cryptocurrency Expertise and Blockchain Development”.

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