Hobbit Slot Machine Hits for $568,000 Jackpot

By | June 26, 2021

You don’t have to be in Vegas to hit a big win! In fact, one lucky player in Montana was playing the Hobbit Slot Machine and won over $568,300!

The player, named Megan, is from Colorado and was spinning the reels at the Cripple Creek Casino when she landed the major jackpot.

She told the press that she will use the money to pay off her bills, but hopefully there will be enough left over to do something for herself.

When she won, she honestly thought that she had broken the machine with so many numbers popping up and the sound of coins dropping. But her husband figured out what was happening, telling her she had won a jackpot.

You can read more on the Hobbit Slot Machine big win when you visit KKTV.


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