IDology Protects Online Gaming Market with Robust KYC/AML Solution

By | October 11, 2023


IDology, a leading identity verification provider in the US for over 20 years, announced an expanded portfolio of gaming solutions designed to optimize player acquisition, loyalty, and revenue while fortifying operators against fraud and money laundering through strategy and automation, ensuring compliance with both state and federal regulations.

With the gaming industry facing an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, IDology’s full-lifecycle AML compliance solutions come at a pivotal time. IDology’s expertise addresses these challenges head-on, ensuring that operators can focus on growth without compromising on security, compliance, or the customer experience.

IDology’s enhanced gaming solution includes:

  • Expanded Data Coverage and Increased Pass Rates: Comprehensive access to new data sources ensures more customers, including thin-file and hard-to-identify populations, can be successfully verified and onboarded at a higher level of speed and accuracy. Robust and reliable age verification checks simplify compliance procedures, while protecting underage individuals from creating accounts and placing bets.
  • Step-Up Verification: Patented technology automates in-line authentication of government-issued IDs to increase acquisition and enhance the customer experience using a global document library covering all 196 countries and territories with over 8000 document types. Forensic and CVML tests ensure detection of expired, stolen, forged, and tampered with IDs, while biometric protection with a simple ID to selfie face match provides an added layer of identity assurance.
  • Orchestration and Contactability: Full stack orchestration of a player’s identity journey by IDology. Technology solution for the implementation of customizable workflows for onboarding and cost optimization that assert contactability of player through every step of the workflow while building ROI.
  • PEPs and Sanctions Screening: Comprehensive checks against 450+ global sanctions lists, including individual country, OFAC, Interpol, and UN Sanctions, during onboarding and beyond, for continuous monitoring and risk assessment without human intervention. Advanced algorithms and match filters ensure accuracy and reduce false positives.
  • Fraud Prevention: Tenured fraud prevention solutions for identifying and managing risk in-line including Velocity Rules engine and Fraud Consortium of more than 15 million attributes, preventing piracy, multi-accounting, unfair gameplay, bonus abuse, account take-over and chargeback fraud. All backed by ML and dedicated Fraud Analyst support to keep operators proactive in their fraud mitigation needs.
  • End-to-End Compliance: Comply with state and federal regulatory requirements and promote responsible gaming with a comprehensive, full-lifecycle compliance and risk management ecosystem—all with one provider.

“Today’s gaming landscape presents both remarkable opportunities and significant challenges for operators. As criminal techniques evolve, so must our strategies to combat them. We understand the complexities faced by the gaming industry and have dedicated ourselves to building robust, sophisticated solutions that prioritize both user experience and regulatory compliance. In this era of rapid online expansion, we’re proud to empower operators to tap into new growth opportunities confidently and securely,” Heidi Hunter, Chief Product Officer at IDology, said.

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