iGaming’s first self-driving retention engine Ibex.ai signs partnership agreement with Flows

By | February 21, 2023
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Flows, the no code automation and integration platform, welcomes Ibex.ai into its pre integrated marketplace to offer customers an innovative machine learning tool to intelligently supercharge their business from marketing recommendations and cost optimisation, through to bonus cost reduction.

The new partnership aims to bring the best of both worlds to the iGaming industry, giving operators complete control over their activities and journeys while enabling them to fully automate for the rest.

As part of the partnership, Flows customers will be able to take advantage of Ibex’s advanced and automated retention solution without any integration or manual data exchange efforts. Using a pre-built Flows template that can be activated with a single click. Flows partners will be able to try out the self-driving retention solution and assess its effectiveness for their business.

Part of the Ibex.ai product suite that will be available through Flows includes its bonus optimization tool, which avoids human errors to give a bonus to segments and players that will not be profitable. The platform calculates a full profit-loss calculation for each player, considering all financial parameters and optimizing for LTV or other KPIs that are part of the current brand growth strategy.

James King, CEO of Flows, said: “We are thrilled to add Ibex.ai as a partner within our Flows pre integrated exchange and be able to provide our partners with ease of access to a market leading enhanced machine learning solution that can help to greatly decrease bonus spends and improve overall profitability” “Our partnership highlights further our drive to offer customers the most agnostic solution on the market, as we enable them to have choice over who they work with and how they work with them and orchestrate seamlessly between systems through Flows.”

Thomas Aigner, Head of Business Development of Ibex.ai, said:“We are excited to partner with Flows, as their no-code automation platform provides the perfect complement to our self-driving retention solution. This collaboration will enable us to offer CRM Teams a hybrid model that provides manual journey control where necessary, while also fully automating retention activities for parts of the player base. We are looking forward to seeing the first results from operators taking advantage of our pre-built journeys.”

As part of their new partnership, Ibex.ai are offering iGaming operators who are using Flows  a 3-month free trial of Ibex.ai. By using pre-configured journey templates within Flows, clients can try Ibex with the click of a button for part of their player base and without any integration or manual data exchange. This special offer provides an excellent opportunity for operators to experience firsthand how the partnership between Flows and Ibex.ai can enhance and automate retention activities.

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