Independent Panel Gets to Work on NSW Government’s Landmark Gaming Reforms

By | August 17, 2023
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The NSW Government has welcomed the first meeting of the Independent Panel on Gaming Reform. The Independent Panel has considered elements of the upcoming cashless gaming trial, as well as matters which will inform its recommendations to the NSW Government on a gaming reform implementation roadmap.

Minister for Gaming and Racing David Harris addressed the Independent Panel at their first meeting in Sydney on Monday, 14 August 2023.

Mr Harris said he was pleased the Independent Panel was considering the design and framework for the upcoming cashless gaming trial carefully and as a matter of priority, including the minimum requirements for venues and technology providers to take part.

“The Panel’s first priority is to confirm the design and regulatory settings for the expanded cashless gaming trial, to ensure it can start as soon as possible,” Mr Harris said.

“This includes deciding which venues will take part, ensuring there is an appropriate mix of hotels and clubs across metropolitan and regional areas.

“By imposing certain mandatory requirements, the Panel can ensure that the trial will have strong data security and privacy protections in place.”

The Independent Panel will also provide advice to the NSW Government on a gaming reform implementation roadmap by November 2024.

This will include making recommendations to the NSW Government on the use of the $100 million harm minimisation fund, expanding the self-exclusion register and providing for third-party exclusions, and the use of facial recognition technology to support the enhanced exclusions schemes.

The panel will also be consulted on a review of the ClubGRANTS Scheme, which is being undertaken by Liquor & Gaming NSW in consultation with The Cabinet Office and NSW Treasury. This review will be undertaken separately, but concurrent with the Panel’s work on gaming reforms.

The inaugural meeting was chaired by former NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Commissioner Michael Foggo with Dr Ursula Stephens (former Senator for NSW, Australian Labor Party) and The Hon Niall Blair (former Deputy Leader of the NSW Nationals) comprising the Executive Committee.

Chair Michael Foggo said the NSW Government had carefully considered the composition of the Independent Panel to ensure it is well placed to provide balanced and expert advice about gaming reform.

Mr Foggo said it was clear from the outset that all panel members are passionate about gaming reform and committed to making a difference in NSW.

“The panel is set up so that a range key stakeholders and experts are represented including industry, gambling harm minimisation experts, academic experts, law enforcement and cyber security,” Mr Foggo said.

“It also has the ability to seek input from other external experts in the field and government bodies such as the NSW Crime Commission, the NSW Information and Privacy Commission and AUSTRAC.”

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