Introducing TRI Software from Fincore

By | May 9, 2024
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Fincore is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship TRI Software, a powerful, modular solution that allows operators to ultimately own their own platform and tech stack.

TRI is made up of three core components – TRI Hub (player account management, bonus, loyalty and data), Sportsbook and Gaming – and offers a host of benefits for operators that want to take control of their technology to deliver a superior player experience, be more efficient and boost revenues.

It is truly modular and highly customisable with each module or micro-service designed to operate brilliantly as standalone software or combined with the others that make up TRI Software suite.

The key to driving player engagement and retention is being able to give customers what they want, exactly at the moment they want it. TRI turns real-time data into actionable insights, so the Operator knows the next best step.

This becomes super powerful when combined with rules-based automation, which automates the majority of tasks, both ensuring insights are actioned at exactly the right moment and freeing up people to focus on the exceptions, taking efficiency and engagement to the next level.

For any Operator that’s serious about growing their business, owning your own platform is essential. While white label solutions are good for starting out, having control over your technology is crucial as you expand. Why risk your hard-earned customer base by relying on a third party that may prioritise other requests over yours?

TRI Software has been developed specifically to allow operators of all sizes to own their own technology. Fincore supports its customers in the initial customisation, set-up and launch and then hands over the platform allowing operators to unlock the benefits of platform ownership while de-risking the whole process.

TRI Software is built on the latest open-source software and tech stack, future-proofing an operator’s business both in terms of its technology and people skills – the pool of skilled developers for legacy tech is shrinking making existing systems more expensive and harder to maintain.

TRI Software is currently being deployed with operators in the US, UK, Europe, and Africa with a small number of new customer spaces available for the remainder of the year.

Mateja Popovic, CEO at Fincore, said: “TRI Software provides a fast track for operators to own their own platform and tech stack. Operators running on legacy platforms simply can’t keep pace with those using modern solutions, while white-label brands find themselves in long development queues.

“TRI Software has been developed to overcome these pain points, putting the power in the hands of the operator. It is truly modular and highly customisable and leverages the power of data and automation to allow operators to beat the customer clock and drive better engagement and retention.

“We look forward to speaking to operators about how Fincore can help them take their business to the next level.”

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