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Competition Interactive Virtual Sports Led Two-Week Beta With Over 400 Players Averaging 180 Races per Week, with Daily Playing Time Accumulating to Over Four Hours.

Invincible GG (IGG), the innovative brand developing AI-powered virtual sports, is thrilled to announce the massive success of its initial beta launch of Ownerߣs Club, its first title and mobile horse racing game.

The response to Owner’s Club has been overwhelmingly positive during the beta, with an average of 392 NFT owners playing daily, nearly 80% of their subscription list, and an average price of approximately $1,250 for Grade 1 horses in the secondary market.

Players raced 693 NFT horses during the beta and purchased an additional 3,514 non-NFT horses within the two-week trial, averaging 17 horses owned by each player. Players were highly engaged, participating in an average of 180 races per week and spending an average of 4 hours daily playing.

Witnessing the excitement that Ownerߣs Club has brought our first group of players is truly humbling. We set out to create an experience to thrill and excite horse racing fans, gamers, and fantasy sports players alike. The positive reception to the beta is a testament to our talented team’s hard work and creativity, said Jonathan Strause, Founder and CEO of Invincible GG.

Registration for the next round of public beta is available now at

In Owner’s Club, players can acquire IGG’s AI-powered NFT horses, combining horse racing knowledge and skill gaming for live player-vs-player competitions. These intelligent horses, managed by owner-players, compete in real-time based on innate abilities, genetic traits, learned skills, and tactics. Players develop each horse’s core abilities through gameplay, allowing specialization for specific race types.

Horses can be acquired in-game, as NFTs in the Ownerߣs Club Marketplace, or through breeding. Standard and premium in-game horses are available for purchase in-app currency, while NFT horses can be obtained through drops or auctions on the marketplace. Free-to-play horses are also available.

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