IWG Launches ‘Pick-Your-Bonus’ eInstant

By | August 1, 2023
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Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a leading supplier of eInstant games to NASPL/WLA-member lotteries, announces the launch of Triple Eagle Bonus, a new style of eInstant that allows players to select their bonus game experience.

The game includes a pick-your-bonus feature that puts control over the gameplay into the player’s hands. The three bonus games – Eagle Match, Rising Riches, and Aerial Expander – are each differentiated by their play style, prize structure and win frequency.

In Eagle Match, the prize is paid out when three cards of the same cash value are turned over.

Rising Riches sees players spin a wheel to climb the prize meter, ending when either they land on “collect” or reach the top prize.

Ariel Expander lets players flip tiles to reveal a win multiplier which is added to the total win.

And, since the three bonus features, each with a different play style, prize structure and win frequency, all reside within a single eInstant, IWG will gain deeper insights into specific preferences across player segments in a controlled fashion.

IWG’s Triple Eagle Bonus is now deployed or scheduled to be deployed across North American lotteries including Michigan Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery, and Pennsylvania Lottery in the United States, and with Atlantic Lottery in Canada.

Jason Lisiecki, VP, North America at IWG, said: “Triple Eagle Bonus along with its pick-your-bonus feature is a unique type of eInstant that I know will resonate with a wide audience of players. The ability to choose from three different bonus rounds, each with a distinct personality, adds a new dimension to the category and brings greater entertainment. We’re expecting strong results and look forward to building additional games with this feature set.” 

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