IWG’s InstantJackpot Powers Record-Breaking Prizes

By | March 2, 2023


Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a leading supplier of eInstant games to NASPL/WLA-member lotteries, congratulates the Michigan Lottery, the New Hampshire Lottery, and the Virginia Lottery on record setting eInstant progressive jackpot prizes.

In all three cases, these records were set within the first two of months of 2023, and all were driven by games powered by IWG’s InstantJackpot technology.

Most recently on February 22, the New Hampshire Lottery’s “Premier Jackpot” awarded a record-breaking payout of $392,703 to one lucky player. Alongside its progressive jackpot top prize, the gameplay features IWG’s InstantBoost that incorporates a set of in-game actions that unlock additional ways to play and win.

Earlier in February, the Virginia Lottery awarded a record-setting $785,414 jackpot prize through its linked Commonwealth Jackpots family of eInstants. Commonwealth Jackpots is funded by a portion of sales from three IWG games, Lucky Golden Multiplier, Icy Winnings, and Magnificent Multiplier. The record win was awarded to a lottery player purchasing Lucky Golden Multiplier.

In January, the Michigan Lottery awarded a record $403,618 jackpot prize via its Monthly Jackpot second chance jackpot eInstant. Powered by IWG’s InstantReplay, Monthly Jackpot is funded by a percentage of game sales, with all players automatically earning entries into an end-of-month second chance drawing. The Michigan Lottery has awarded 10 Monthly Jackpot Second Chance Progressive prizes totaling more than $1.7 million since the promotion began in April 2022.

These record jackpot payouts are examples of the excitement that IWG’s InstantJackpot powered games are bringing to lottery players across the US. They follow last year’s industry-record $1.6 million jackpot that was awarded in October by the Pennsylvania Lottery and IWG’s Big Keystone Jackpot eInstant.

Rhydian Fisher, IWG CEO, said: “Congratulations to Michigan, New Hampshire, and Virginia lotteries for each setting eInstant progressive jackpot records. We were very proud to offer the first eInstants progressive jackpot game with the Virginia Lottery back in December 2020, and since then we’ve launched over 70 progressive jackpot eInstants across North America. Each progressive jackpot game builds upon our experience from the previous to continually improve the product for lottery players. What I love about all these record-setting jackpots is that they leverage the combination of IWG game styles and technologies to drive this excitement. Whether its InstantJackpot, InstantReplay, InstantBoost or InstantLink, they all offer a tailored product specific for the need of each lottery. It’s very exciting and we look forward to growing the jackpot category further in 2023.”

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