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By | July 27, 2023
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WhatsApp, #hipthers?

HIPTHER Agency is excited to share the news of the first WhatsApp Group for all our friends, peers and professionals from the Gaming and Tech industries!

“THE #hipthers (events, networking, fun) 😎” Group has already welcomed more than 100 participants in a friendly space where people have already started to share holiday photos and banter!

Our aspiration is to maintain this warm atmosphere and foster human connections and business growth initiatives, as we will be sharing news and updates from Hipther’s international business Conferences.

In its 16 years, Hipther Agency has been known for facilitating communication, promoting innovative brands and people, bringing forth quality networking and connecting people.

At this point, we wanted to do more! We always seek ways for direct contact and genuine connections – which is why “THE #hipthers (events, networking, fun) 😎” Group came to be!


Top Benefits of the Hipther WhatsApp Group:

  1. Networking: Participants can connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, or enthusiasts from modern, innovative businesses, connecting the iGaming, betting, fintech, blockchain, Ai and more industries.
  2. Stay Informed: Group members receive timely updates, news, and valuable information regarding Hipther events, in advance and in real-time during the event’s Program.
  3. Learning Opportunities: The Group facilitates knowledge sharing and learning through discussions and shared resources.
  4. Q&A and Support: Participants can seek help, ask questions, and receive support for Hipther events and any other topic related to the group, or their industry.
  5. Collaboration: Group members can collaborate on projects, ideas, or initiatives, fostering a sense of teamwork.
  6. Community Building: The Group creates a sense of belonging and community among professionals of common backgrounds.
  7. Personal & Business Growth: Engaging in group discussions can broaden knowledge, perspectives, and skills, or spark the beginning of a new business partnership!
  8. Group Empowerment: Being part of Hipther’s WhatsApp Group can empower individuals by providing a platform to voice their opinions and ideas.

Join THE #hipthers WhatsApp Group!

More to Come – Hipther Event Sponsors Group

Hipther focuses on targeted business networking, and will be introducing a dedicated WhatsApp Group exclusively for our Event Sponsors!

Aiming to maximize the value of your sponsorship, this business-focused Group will allow direct contact, networking, and business discussions between successful companies of the innovative Gaming and Tech industries.


We will keep you posted about the progress of this exciting project, but for now, check out all the perks of a Hipther Event Sponsorship:

✅ Brand Visibility digitally and on-site (logos, banners, etc.)

✅ Targeted Exposure to an expanded audience of iGaming & Tech industry professionals

✅ Digital PR – Including Sponsor Interviews / Articles on Hipther’s established digital outlets and increased Social Media Exposure

✅ Logo & Article backlinks

✅ PLUS Admission to an EXCLUSIVE Hipther Sponsors WhatsApp Group for you to get straight down to business with the top industry leaders of the best gaming & tech companies!

Boost your Business & Brand Power in one Strategic Move!

Become a HIPTHER Event Sponsor

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