Ludo breaks barriers with brand-new new Market Analysis tool and revamped Image Generation features

By | December 5, 2022


The world’s first game development ideation platform, Ludo, has today announced the launch of two new cutting-edge features that enhance its growing set of tools. Ludo has now taken the next step as the go-to pre-development toolkit with its innovative new Market Analysis feature which supports game creators by presenting the performance of a range of factors, from specific games to genres. On top of this, Ludo’s new Image Generator evolutions allow for the creation of stunning and unique game art, icons and more. Ludo is available to use now with these pioneering new features that not only save developers time but ensure their project is as successful as possible.

Founded in 2021, Ludo is the must-have toolkit for creators when embarking on the journey of developing a new game. Built by experts using the latest AI technology to revolutionize the game development process, Ludo is the best pre-game investment a creator can make. Using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to accelerate the research and ideation process for making new games of any genre, Ludo can help developers de-risk game creation, from researching market trends to ideating innovative concepts, giving them the best chance for success with its database of close to two million games.

Ludo’s Market Analysis is a brand-new feature that uses AI to analyse the market potential of any existing game topic or any new game idea. This feature saves game developers valuable time and resources by limiting the chance of creating a game that will not connect with audiences, creating a level of security for developers and de-risking their game development process.

The team at Ludo has also been working on a new image generation model to fit the needs of game developers and artists. The revamped Image Generator uses the newest advancements in Stable Diffusion – making it accessible to users of Ludo, the platform can now generate images of a higher quality and relevance to game-specific topics. By inputting keywords, users can generate in-game images, high quality game icons and game art, including characters, worlds, items, art concepts and more.

Not only has Ludo’s Image Generator improved, but it is now able to produce image-to-image transformations, where users can provide one image, and Ludo’s Image Generator will transform that image according to the input. This can be used to create game icons, images in different artistic styles and variations of a given image, as well as to give life to gameplay sketches.

Ludo users can also hone in on specific game genres, preferred colours, and art styles which will condition the image generation to these filters.

Tom Pigott, Founder and CEO at Ludo said: “The demands of the games industry have shifted, making the environment more competitive than ever, and we as a team have adapted to these demands. AI technology has advanced exponentially over the last year, and with that Ludo has improved its services for game creators, allowing them to focus on the creative process while limiting the risk of failure in a competitive market.

“Ludo has grown so much since its launch in 2021 and now has over 8,000 users who come to our platform when they are in the process of beginning their next hit game. We are able to help creators to de-risk the game development process, and to limit the chances of failure even further with the new and improved features, which are pushing the boundaries and genuinely revolutionizing the game creation process.”

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