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By | October 13, 2021


Malta was one of the first countries in the world that recognized the potential of the online casino and iGaming industry in general. Formed in the 1990s, this industry is now worth over $50 Billion and thanks to the early recognition, this small Mediterranean county is now enjoying the benefits that come with this industry. It has a highly positive effect on the country’s economy in so many different ways.

The Malta Gambling Authority was formed way back in the early 2000s and it was part of the country’s strategy for the development of the iGaming industry. Unlike most countries of the time, Malta had a highly affirmative view of this industry from the early beginnings. The MGA was formed in order to issue licenses and support industry development in general. Obviously, the goal was to make this small island one of the best destinations for foreign operators. These days, around 300 global players in the industry are located in Malta.

With such a number of corporations operating in such a small country, there is no doubt that tax collection has had a significant impact on the overall economy. According to some reports, the iGaming industry has a 15% share of the country’s total economic activity. Obviously, that number will continue to grow.

Benefits from iGaming aren’t just displayed in GDP and tax numbers. This industry has also had a big impact on other fields. For example, Malta now has several educational programs specified for the online casino bonus industry.

The reason is obvious. This is a small country and if we look at the numbers, it turns out that 60% of employees in the industry come from overseas. Only 40% belongs to the domestic share. Obviously, one of the strategies is to change that trend and to increase the share of domestic workers. So, educational institutions have increased the offer of their classes, including numerous ones that target gaps that exist in the industry at the moment.

At this point, it is estimated that there are over 6.000 employees working in this industry and if we can trust experts, operators are currently in need of 3.000 additional workers. So, we may expect further arrivals of foreign workforce.

This leads us to another aspect of the iGaming influence on Malta’s overall economy. For example, with such a big number of abroad workers, it’s easy to conclude that demand for real estate has increased significantly. Workers prefer to rent a property, which has increased the rental prices by a notable percentage. According to some reports, the average property prices have been increased by 10% in the past several years.

Another impact of iGaming on Malta’s economy is the fact that offices of operators also have a positive impact on local businesses, such as service providers, restaurants, coffee shops etc.

In the last couple of years, more and more countries are starting with a similar practice as Malta. However, we don’t believe that this could slow down the growth of the country’s online casino industry and the overall economy. This small Mediterranean island will continue to grow, despite the growing competition. Simply, MGA is still one of the highest-reputable bodies in the business, who issues licenses to operators from all over the world. Simply, gaining these licenses is a matter of prestige, so operators who have gained them proudly advertise is, as a way to attract players from all around the world to register on their website.

Simply, the years of experience have provided MGA a kind of reputation that most newer regulatory bodies from other countries will hardly be able to reach. This body has set pretty high standards, whether it’s about player protection, fair gaming, operator accountability.

Founded in 2001, the Malta Gaming Authority also pays a lot of attention to the protection of youngsters and other vulnerable groups, and it is a body that ensures the integrity of games and operators, as well as that the industry is free from criminal activities.

Other than MGA, there are just a couple of more regulatory bodies in the world that can be considered as good. Those would be the UK Gambling Commission, as well as similar regulatory bodies from Gibraltar and Curacao. However, Malta still remains in the leading destination, and we have no reason to believe that things could change much in the future.

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