Mana Interactive Partners with To Bring Stat Tracking and Rewards To Both Mana and Blitz Users

By | December 7, 2022


The Partnership Will Reward Players of Valorant, League of Legends,

Teamfight Tactics, Fortnite, Apex, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Every Time They Play Their Favorite Game

Mana Interactive, a financial technology company serving gamers, and, the ultimate tool to drive gaming improvement, have partnered to generate a deeper connection with gamers and to offer rewards for everyone that’s playing their favorite games and tracking them with Blitz. Thanks to Blitz, Mana will be able to reward those users playing Fortnite, ValorantLeague of LegendsTeamfight TacticsApex and Counter Strike: Global Offensive for their gameplay.

“We are thrilled to partner up with Blitz who empowers gamers with valuable insight on how they could improve their gameplay,” shared Joe Zhou, CEO and founder of Mana Interactive. “We are also excited for the opportunity to elevate all current Blitz users’ experience with Mana’s banking and rewards system.”

“At Blitz, our main focus is helping players,” said Adil Virani, Co-Founder and President, Blitz. “Mana is pushing the envelope in creating a product uniquely designed to reward players, and it’s clear that this partnership will result in an unprecedented opportunity, allowing players to level up their play while collecting rewards by playing games on Blitz and spending with Mana. We’re excited to work with a company that clearly shares our competitive vision.”

As part of the partnership, Mana Pro Users will receive a free one-year subscription to Blitz Pro as a Mana Pro perk, and Standard Mana users will be offered a 7-day free trial of Blitz Pro. More information about Blitz and Blitz Pro can be found at This perk is just one of the many reward offerings from Mana Pro, valued at more than $600, including:

  •  Discord Nitro Classic
    1 Year Subscription ($50)
  • Xbox Gift Card
    One-time use ($25)
  • PlayStation Store Gift Card
    One-time use ($25)
  • FitGMR Pro
    1 Year Subscription ($100)
  • Surfshark VPN
    1 Year Subscription ($48)
  • FirstBlood Premium
    1 Year Subscription ($60)
  • Pro
    1 Year Subscription ($60)

Mana Pro users can earn 5x the points on gaming and entertainment subscriptions, including Netflix, Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Plus / Now, Xbox Game Pass, Discord Nitro, Disney+, and more.

To learn about all Mana Pro rewards and perks, view the value breakdown.

To celebrate the partnership and official launch of the Mana App, Blitz will be hosting an inaugural Arena powered by Mana with a prize pool of $5,000 from December 23 through January 1, 2023.

Gamers around the world use Blitz to improve their skills and gameplay – and Blitz Arena is where it matters most. For every exciting event, players can put their skills to the test to see if they have what it takes to take home the prize. Each one will feature specific criteria and missions that will net points for the player, and every match offers the chance to be rewarded based on gameplay. The top scorers at the end of the event will win exciting prizes such as gift cards to gaming PCs and more.

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