MATCH52 – The Most Entertaining Casino Game You’ll Ever Play!

By | February 7, 2022
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MATCH52 is the new buzz in the world of iGaming. This hot new casino game provides players with the excitement of Craps, the anticipation of Texas Hold’em, and it’s simple to play like Roulette. With payouts as high as 725 to 1 and safer bets offering higher chances of winning, MATCH52 is a game for everyone. There are ten sports themed games including MATCH52 Baseball, MATCH52 Football, MATCH52 Basketball and MATCH52 Boxing. MATCH52 expects to turn the heads of gamblers everywhere. High Rollers call it “The Roulette Killer”.


Peter Mastroianni presenting MATCH52

  • Hi Peter, thank you for taking your time to answer some questions. Tell us about your new game. What novelties does MATCH52 bring to casino games?

Casinos everywhere are looking for the next big thing and MATCH52 is just that. We are a brand-new game with tons of excitement and easy access for all players. MATCH52 is not a side bet or an add-on, it’s an entirely new experience. Ask any gambler – MATCH52 is EPIC! Thank you Jasper and Hipther Agency for recognizing MATCH52!

  • Who is this game for? Gambling experts or casual players?

MATCH52 is for every type of player. Casual players enjoy the ease of understanding and game play, while experts appreciate the elegance and exponential payouts. Conservative players might wager on MATCH52’s Red/Black or Suit bets, and risk-takers can shoot for the Gambler’s Row King – the payout is 725 to 1!

  • With the large number of games offered by casinos, what is it that makes MATCH52 stand out?

Imagine the excitement you feel when before the next card is turned in Hold ‘Em, or the electricity you feel when a Craps player is on a run and about to roll. MATCH52 creates the same emotion every time a card is drawn. It’s like nothing else at the casino.

  • What can we expect from the game in the near future? Are there any new features in development? 

We recently launched our Keno/Bingo alternative: MATCH52 Kingo. We have several new game themes including MATCH52 Cocktails, MATCH52 Yoga, MATCH52 Conspiracy Theory plus dozens of others- there’s a MATCH52 game for everyone!

  • Thank you!

Where to find Match52?

Head to – You can play MATCH52 online and see Tournament Play videos including New Orleans Saint Juwan Johnson and his social media star wife Chanen having a blast! You can download our iOS or Android App. MATCH52 is also available on the Infinity Game TableTM by Arcade1UpTM.

Place your wagers and watch the cards turn! 

When will it MATCH? 

The anticipation is thrilling!


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