Meridianbet and Blinking Partner to Transform KYC Standards

By | June 22, 2023
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For sports betting companies, identity verification is a topic that is becoming more and more crucial, most notably making sure the operators are compliant with the responsible gambling standards.

In that respect, Meridianbet is pleased to announce the launch of cooperation on player registration and verification services with Blinking, one of SEE key KYC providers.

Meridian Gaming has been operating for more than 20 years, and today is one of the leaders in global reach of their services, with focus on innovations in sports betting and online casino technology to deliver an outstanding player experience.

One of the main postulates of the company is to create a safe and secure environment for the players and maintain 100% compliance with KYC and AML standards throughout 15 markets.

It is not an easy task to strike a balance between regulation and a smooth player experience. And to bring it to the next level, Meridian Gaming has chosen Blinking as a reliable partner in the automated KYC and AML checks along with digital identification and swift onboarding process.

How does Blinking help along the way?

Technological solutions such as Blinking Identify play a vital role in enabling online KYC procedures through fast, secure and efficient player’s registration and verification. It is a completely automated data collection process that consists of only a few steps and reduces manual data entry as well as the possibility of making an error. Players no longer have to manually fill in more than 10 fields, but the given input has been replaced by taking a photo of the ID document.

Additionally, in order to prevent fraudulent activities, a biometric face verification of the document owner is performed. With this simplified process and excellent player experience, Meridian Gaming can now be sure that they are dealing with adult, reliable, verified players and most importantly – that they are in compliance with legal requirements.

“We are excited to begin working with Meridian Gaming. Their expertise and leadership in sports betting is impressive, and our technology solution Blinking Identify will help them to improve their business and ensure safe and responsible betting for their players.”, said COO Blinking, Milos Milovanovic. “The KYC process is important not only due to regulatory requirements, but also to preserve the integrity of sports betting and ensure a safe environment for players. Sports betting companies that successfully implement the KYC process demonstrate responsible business and raise the level of trust among players and regulatory authorities.”

“Meridian Gaming is thrilled to be embarking on this collaboration with Blinking. Their innovative technological solution aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing secure and efficient gaming experiences while staying fully compliant regulatory wise. This collaboration marks an exciting step forward and we’re looking forward to the enhanced security and seamless registration processes that the Blinking Identify solution will bring to our platform.”, said COO Meridian Gaming, Marija Teodosic.

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