Meridianbet’s Leadership in 2023: 61% of Top Managerial Roles Held by Women

By | May 7, 2024


In 2023, Meridianbet emerged as a contender for the most DEI-compliant betting and gaming brand globally, with women occupying 61% of its top managerial positions, marking a significant rise from 58% in 2021.

This achievement not only exemplifies Meridianbet’s commitment to gender equality but also sets a high standard compared to global diversity, equity, and inclusion benchmarks.

Gender equality at Meridianbet is a policy-driven initiative, not merely a compliance requirement, and it started from Day 1. The company ensures zero gender pay disparity, thereby supporting a complete eradication of the gender gap within its ranks. This commitment is manifested in its leadership demographics, significantly surpassing the most progressive DE&I standards globally.

The distribution of female management across Meridianbet’s operations varies by region, reflecting the company’s broad and inclusive reach. In Europe, 58% of managerial roles are held by women, while the Americas report a slightly higher figure at 60%. Africa stands out with an impressive 69%, showcasing Meridianbet’s effective policies in diverse cultural contexts.

Inclusion is deeply embedded in Meridianbet’s operational ethos. The company not only aims to attract the best global talent but also ensures that its recruitment and professional development strategies foster an environment where every employee, regardless of gender, feels valued, respected, and heard.

The forthcoming weeks are expected to provide more insights as Meridianbet prepares to share further achievements and plans in its continued pursuit of excellence in corporate responsibility.
Meridianbet is part of the Golden Matrix Group.


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