Meridianbet’s Live Betting: Two Decades of Betting Excellence and Innovation

By | March 21, 2023
  • Unique software solution for dynamic market offerings
  • 20+ years of content-led strategy experience
  • Empty Bet sets the company apart from competitors
  • Zero-compromise over UX: a reason behind success
  • High level of ethical code
  • Focus on mobile app stability and speed
  • Customizable live betting experience with proprietary software
  • Product globally present in 15+ markets
  • Over 1,500 professionals deliver entertainment and opportunities in regulated markets

LAS VEGAS, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For customers, sports and gaming have always been a loved and potent mix, and Meridianbet has been at the forefront of this sector for more than two decades.

Added Value First, Features Follow

As the company prepares for new market entries and continued growth, it is critical to emphasize its outstanding Live Betting offering, which offers unique features that distinguish it from competitors. More importantly, this exceptional product adds substantial value to the overall betting experience, further solidifying the company’s position as one of the industry pioneers.

Dynamic Live Betting: Tailored Solutions for Operators and Clients

While most betting companies rely on data feed companies for their live betting offerings, Meridianbet has taken a different approach. By utilizing complex algorithms to calculate probabilities, the company has created a software solution that allows for dynamic market offerings. This new idea meets the needs of both operators and customers by giving them a wide range of options, such as longer trading periods, odds in wide ranges, and big payouts.

A Legacy of Diverse Betting Options

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Meridianbet has become a household name for offering bets on a wide range of events, both sporting and non-sporting. With a team of skilled oddsmakers, the company can offer bets on a wide range of things, from the most popular sports to the strangest events.

Empty Bet: Another Unique Feature

The Empty Bet feature is what truly sets this operator apart from other betting platforms. Unlike traditional bet builders, which allow customers to combine selections from different events or markets within a game, the Empty Bet service takes customization to the next level. Customers can submit their own unique wager ideas, as long as they meet legal, ethical, and industry good practice standards. This feature is available to Meridianbet’s players worldwide, both online and in its retail network of 735 shops across Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Commitment to Ethics

Meridianbet takes pride in maintaining a high level of ethical business conduct. The company ensures that it does not accept bets that infringe on the dignity of individuals or social groups, demonstrating a strong commitment to ethical practices.

Recipe for Success: App Stability and Speed

It was when the pandemic struck that the betting industry learned how important stable and fast mobile apps are. Recognizing this, Meridianbet focused on improving its mobile app to provide a seamless user experience, with minimal errors and a high level of ergonomics.

Corporate Communication

Founded in 2001, Meridianbet is a well-established online sports betting and gaming group, licensed and operating in more than 15 jurisdictions across Europe, Africa, and South America. The company employs over 1,500 professionals and is committed to providing entertainment for players and shared opportunities for communities, employees, and shareholders. With a primary focus on sports betting, the company also offers various casino and fixed-odds games, operating exclusively in regulated markets.

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