MERKUR’s Tony Boulton Praises Bacta Social Responsibility Exchange

By | November 6, 2023
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Tony Boulton, MERKUR UK’s Director of Public and Political Relations, has praised the 2023 Bacta Social Responsibility Exchange.

Tony Boulton said: “Bacta Chief Executive John White, National President John Bollom, Liz Speed who chairs bacta’s SR Committee and bacta Operations Manager Sarah Dhakshina-Murthy should be congratulated on delivering what was an outstanding and powerful event which succeeded on many different levels.

“As a company that places safer gambling at the heart of the business MERKUR UK had six of our senior venue team present at the Exchange all of whom confirmed that it was one of the most useful SR events that they had participated in.

“The Breakout sessions provided invaluable insights covering the techniques and technologies deployed by operators to minimise the record low percentage of players who experience problems.”

He added: “Whilst there can never be any room for complacency I believe that everyone involved in our sector can reflect on the progress that it has made and continues to make in order to ensure that low stake gambling entertainment is a mainstream leisure activity that’s enjoyed by millions of adults on high streets throughout the country.”

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