MGA Games gathers online casino operators in Spain in Ceuta to present its collection “Hits 2023 by MGA Games”

By | February 23, 2023
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On Wednesday, February 22, at the Terrazas El Cielo room in Ceuta, MGA Games presented its “Hits 2023 by MGA Games” collection in front of an audience of representatives of online casino operators in Spain. With spectacular views and a festive atmosphere, the event marks the starting point for a new explosive collection of titles, which MGA Games will present throughout this year.

“Hits 2023 by MGA Games”, the new collection of 3 and 5-reel slot games, breaks into the world of slot games as titles that will undoubtedly endure over time. The launch in Ceuta -nerve center of the sector in Spain and Europe-, presented the games as an original collection of vinyl records, emphasising that these games were born to be classics – successful, popular and timeless, just like all  the greatest hits!

In addition to presenting the collection, the Ceuta event showcased its first hit: “Bowling” MGA Games’ latest 3-reel online production of R Franco’s original land-based slot game now brought to the digital world, which is available on the market from February 27th.

During the event, General Manager José Antonio Giacomelli and the MGA Games account management team presented the characteristics of the new game Bowling and the entire “Hits 2023 by MGA Games” collection. In addition, thanks to an actual Bowling land-based machine in the room, attendees could compare and verify the fidelity with which MGA Games has reproduced the characteristics of the physical slot machine game online.

One of the highlights of “Hits 2023 by MGA Games” is that it’s not just a collection of games but also a soundtrack. Each game includes a musical montage created exclusively for MGA Games by Quique Tejada’s production company, creator of hits Bolero Mix, Ibiza Mix, and Total Machine, which add up to over seven million records sold. Undoubtedly, music and sound effects continue to be one of the hallmarks of MGA Games productions, ranking them as the number 1 slot provider and developers nationwide.

The presentation in Ceuta has been full of surprises and gifts. In honor of another great classic, the turntable, operators received the Bowling vinyl -the first of many records they will receive to complete the series- which includes original classics in the history of music, together with a QR access code to the sound file of the game from MGA Games.

As expected, the event ended in style: with an electronic music session by DJ Quique Tejada himself.

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