By | May 23, 2023
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Player protection software provider Mindway AI today announced a new partnership with AnonyMind, a pioneer in the field of gambling addiction treatment. This partnership brings together Mindway AI’s advanced player protection technology and AnonyMind’s expertise in problem gambling treatment to create a comprehensive solution for identifying and addressing at risk players and gambling addiction.

Mindway AI’s innovative software is based on machine learning algorithms in combination with expert human psychologists’ assessments to identify atrisk gambling behaviour. By analysing player data drawing upon insights from neuroscience and neuroimaging, the software is able to detect early warning signs of problematic behaviour and provide operators with actionable insights to help prevent addiction. This technology has already been widely adopted in the gambling industry, with Mindway AI’s software being integrated into several major online gambling platforms in over 21 countries and reaching more than 6.5 million active players monthly.

AnonyMind, on the other hand, provides confidential, evidencebased and personalised psychological treatments for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. Their treatments are delivered by regulated and accredited Clinical Psychologists, utilising bonafide treatment methods, such as high intensity cognitivebehavioural therapy, 3rd Wave CBT models, DBT informed approaches and EMDR. The organisation matches individuals to the right therapist, who will tailor the treatment, via a ‘clinical formulation’, to meet the need of the client. They also offer help to affected family members that may need support too.

By partnering with AnonyMind, Mindway AI will be able to offer their clients a complete solution for addressing gambling addiction. Operators who integrate Mindway AI’s software will now have the option to provide their players with direct access to AnonyMind’s counselling services, allowing them to take proactive steps to prevent and treat addiction. “At Mindway AI, we are committed to using our technology to help operators promote responsible gambling and prevent addiction. We are thrilled to partner with AnonyMind, who share our commitment to addressing this important issue.” said Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI.

Andrew Plummer, Head of Partnerships, AnonyMind stated “This first of its kind partnership sees the integration of Mindway’s market leading AI technologies with the AnonyMind CarePlus service to proactively identify problem gambling within an operators’ network and provide independent, flexible and sustainable intervention support to prevent the escalation of harmful behaviours.” “We look forward to this collaboration and the important insights that can be gained through truly independent early identification and intervention”.

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