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Misfits is thrilled to announce a multi-city tour featuring two highly anticipated game shows: Pixel Playground LIVE! and Name Your Price. Tickets are now available for the following shows:

·         Miami, FL | October 7th | The Fillmore at Miami Beach

o    1pm Pixel Playground LIVE!

o    7pm Name Your Price
·         Houston, TX | October 29th | Bayou Music Center

o    1pm Pixel Playground LIVE!

o    7pm Name Your Price
·         Long Beach, CA | November 11th | Terrace Theatre

o    1pm Pixel Playground LIVE!

o    7pm Name Your Price


Attendees of this immersive tour will have the exclusive chance to engage in meet-and-greet sessions with gaming celebrities, secure limited-edition merchandise, participate in exciting giveaways, and much more.

Pixel Playground LIVE! will showcase some of the most prominent names in streaming, including renowned creators Karl Jacobs, Misfits creative director and co-founder of Pixel Playground, and KreekCraft, co-founder of Pixel Playground. “This event is a must-attend for fans wanting to be part of the Roblox universe,” says Karl. “Kreek and I can’t wait to meet our community, share our journey, and make memories.”

KreekCraft adds his enthusiasm for the tour: “Interacting with our fans and sharing our gaming journey is truly an honor. Pixel Playground LIVE! is a unique opportunity for us to connect with the community that makes our gaming adventures possible.”

Name Your Price promises an unforgettable 70s-themed event that blends special guests, live crowd interaction, and a unique old-timey vibe. Join popular Twitch streamer, content creator, and executive producer AustinShow and other gamers for meet-and-greets, exclusive giveaways, and an atmosphere unlike anything fans have experienced before. “This is going to be an epic NYP experience – get ready for unforgettable iconic moments, deadpan humor, and a delightful array of unscripted gaming surprises that the show is known for,” adds AustinShow.

Lagen Nash, Chief Commercial Officer at Misfits, adds: “We are thrilled to present an event that underscores our commitment to providing unparalleled experiences for the gaming community and bringing together creators and fans in a truly engaging environment.”

For information and event updates, visit pixelplayground.gg/live and nyplive .com

Tickets are available now at Ticketmaster .com.

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