Mobile Game Prize Kingdoms Advances New Free-to-earn Gaming Model

By | February 22, 2023


INK Games announced the worldwide launch of its first title – Prize Kingdoms – a revolutionary new mobile casual board game. Live and ready for download on App Store and Google Play, Prize Kingdoms represents an original gaming model called “free-to-earn” that offers gamers new incentives and opportunities to win real prizes or earn income.

Developed by Austin, Texas-based game studio INK Games, Prize Kingdoms is free to play for anyone with a mobile device. It is the only mobile game pre-packaged with a patent-pending sweepstakes engine providing gamers real-time, in-game, prize earning opportunities.

Whereas other casual games use a play-to-earn model, Prize Kingdoms uses a multi-layered free-to-earn (F2E) approach in which players can earn real prizes like TVs, gift-cards, and cash–without needing to make in-game purchases.

Soon, the game will integrate an organic referral system wherein referrers can perpetually earn cash through the users they refer to the game. This referral system helps gamers unmask their true viral reach and tap into the earning potential of their social connections and networks.

INK Games has over 50 staff working full-time to grow the game and develop the referral tracking engine which will feature a custom payments system and earning dashboard experience.

Inside Prize Kingdoms, gamers roll dice and work their way through enchanting new worlds in stunningly themed yet simple gameplay. Each roll of the dice is a chance to move one of hundreds of adorable characters around the board and unlock non-stop adventures with power-ups, tickets, gems, totems, and chests. The artwork and game pieces are cute and playful–reminiscent of players’ favorite childhood board games–creating entertaining and nostalgic gameplay for casual gamers of all ages.

The game also offers players a chance to team up in Leagues to compete, battle other clubs, win trophies, and score massive loot. Along the way, mesmerizing visuals and easygoing sequences keep gamers hooked.

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