MouseHunt’s Halloween Event – Welcome to the Boiling Cauldron

By | October 14, 2021
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Brew bait & potions, craft upgrades and capture rare mice!

From October 13th to November 2nd, MouseHunt players are invited to dive into the all-new Boiling Cauldron Event. Players can brew unique bait like “Ghoulgonzola” or “Scream Cheese” to capture rare mice sporting Halloween-themed costumes, craft special potions for cheese-transmutation (letting you progress in nearly any stage of the game) and craft unique upgrades, charms and even get an exclusive Halloween trap in which to ensnare your rodential foes.

The overwhelming gloom of the Gloomy Greenwood has finally spilled over into the surrounding area. A chicken-legged hut stands ominously in this dreary place. Costumed Halloween mice have been seen passing in and out of the hut, arms full of pungent piecemeal potion ingredients. Perhaps this could be related to the terrible witch of the woods, Baba Gaga, and her penchant for purloining potion parts from places most gloomy.


As part of Meta Progression, players can put their Boiling Cauldrons to use brewing up fun new bait for Halloween Mice.  Start with Monterey-Jack-O-Lanterns and progress up to rare Scream Cheese and a chance to catch the witch Baba Gaga herself!

Making a Killing in the Evil Market

During your hunts, you may come across the evil Mousedrake Root. Boil this in your cauldron to get Evil Extract. Evil Extract is a powerful unguent that can be exchanged for powerful transmutative potions, letting you turn excess items into cash and other powerful goodies!

Ingredient Shopping

Limited Sale Packs (LSPs) will be available to purchase including a Witch’s Brew Kit, which gives players everything they need to get started braving the horrors of the haunted forest, snare the spookiest of mice and catch the witch behind it all.

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