NBA’s Most-Engaged Content Publisher, Basketball Forever, Launching V.O.A.T Prediction App to Redefine NBA Fan Experience

By | June 10, 2021


The limited beta will offer free prizes & better-than-betting prediction games for NBA fans during this year’s playoff bracket.
Basketball Forever, the most engaged NBA publisher in the world, is opening their unprecedented, free-to-play NBA prediction app called V.O.A.T.  for up to 10,000 beta testers who will be in the running to win tens of thousands of dollars in no-cost prizes plus digital collectibles this NBA playoff season.​​​​​​

The V.O.A.T. app is a first-of-it’s-kind NBA lifestyle extension where fans will win free prizes for making five daily NBA predictions and earning points based on the likelihood of their correct predictions. After further growth from feedback and usage during the NBA Playoffs, V.O.A.T. will launch for general use during the ’21-’22 NBA season, bringing an unrivaled NBA enhancement to 100,000 subscribed players as the first prediction subscription service catering to NBA fans.

“Our V.O.A.T. app will bring a deep, inclusive and rewarding extension to any NBA fan who wants more from their games,” said Alex Sumsky, Basketball Forever’s co-founder, “We know that fantasy sports and full-on sports betting isn’t for everybody. V.O.A.T. gives any fan the excitement of watching a game with a prediction on the line and the thrill of winning alongside their favorite teams or players.”

The streamlined, digital-first experience gives V.O.A.T. users a rich NBA extension with a low time commitment of just a couple minutes before matches each day. Each point earned can be used to enter daily prize drawings, meaning there’s win opportunities for anybody, from galaxy-brain NBA fans to casual NBA newcomers.

NBA fans have become accustomed to engaging directly with their passions. The V.O.A.T. app puts players in the game, letting them predict and win directly from their mobile devices.
Users will also be able to earn NBA collectibles, such as digital cards, will have considerable impact for playing and engaging on the platform. The predictions will be powered by one of the award-winning innovators at Unikrn.

“There’s nothing better than having a reason to watch, cheer and trash talk during the game,” said Karl Flores, Unikrn co-founder and CEO, “V.O.A.T. is designed to open that experience up, so it’s easy to have a good time with anybody: your mates, your sports-ambivalent spouse and your friend who is way too into fantasy can all enjoy the NBA with V.O.A.T., making it even better than betting.”

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