Nefta Partners with MYSTiC GAMES

By | February 7, 2023
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Nefta, the Web3 technology platform, has announced a new partnership with MYSTiC GAMES. The new game development studio is creating Web3 integrated mobile games featuring free-to-own NFTs, earned organically through gameplay. Nefta will act as advisers for MYSTiC GAMES, providing support for token minting, wallet creation, and launching the marketplace for the upcoming mobile MMO where players can trade their NFTs.

Founded in 2022 by industry veterans Matthew Buxton and Jakob Braunisch, and with a recent funding round of $1.3m led by Shima Capital, MYSTiC GAMES is on a mission to make blockchain gaming accessible. All NFTs within the soon-to-be-announced mobile game will be free and found organically by players through gameplay. Each NFT can also be easily traded with other players and will retain their value with no crypto wallet needed, further reducing the barrier to entry.

Through its innovative CATALYST platform, MYSTiC GAMES will bring players an accessible and free blockchain experience, shunning the existing pay-to-win model. VoYd Tokens won in the game will be transferable between players, and can be spent in-game as well as staked and sold. VoYd tokens and NFTs will be shared across future games built on the CATALYST platform, facilitating full cross compatibility. The entire ecosystem will be managed by the upcoming MYSTiC DAO, allowing players to own a part of their games, take part in shaping future releases, and eventually profit from participation in growing the community.

Nefta will play an integral part in the development of the new title, bringing trust and structure to its Web3 elements by managing the MYSTiC GAMES token, creating a wallet native to the game, supporting with Web3 onboarding and creating a white-label marketplace.

“We share MYSTiC GAMES’ passion and ambition to make the world of Web3 more accessible, and are proud to offer our support to help make this a reality. The founder’s rich experience in the mobile gaming sector, combined with Nefta’s end-to-end Web3 solutions, means that we will be able to bring accessible and fun blockchain gaming experiences to a wider audience in the future,” Geeshan Willink, CEO and Co-Founder of Nefta, said.

Built on the Polygon blockchain, an offshoot of Ethereum, Nefta will utilise the “proof of stake” methodology built into the Ethereum chain to keep Gas Fees low, as well as reducing the environmental impact.

“After 17 years of working on great mobile titles for the likes of Rovio, King, and Miniclip, we’re excited to take on a new challenge and bring blockchain gaming into the mainstream with MYSTiC GAMES. With a focus on accessibility, we’re looking forward to creating fun and engaging games that foster a dynamic and long-lasting community. With Nefta acting as a one-stop shop for all our Web3 needs now and into the future, we can’t wait to break down the barriers to entry and make blockchain gaming an integral part of the industry moving forward,” Matthew Buxton, CEO and Co-Founder of MYSTiC GAMES, said.

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