NetSolid Investments fund and SETAFF affiliate company joined forces and became partners

By | June 21, 2023
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The NetSolid Investments fund invested in the SETAFF project funds and resources along with their expertise.

The Ukrainian investment fund NetSolid Investments and SETAFF became partners to create a powerful project. The goal is confident leadership in the iGaming niche.

  • SETAFF is an iGaming affiliate marketing company specializing in SEO traffic. It works in Western markets.
  • NetSolid Investments provides expertise in affiliate, traffic, and operational processes as a partner. It also helps with infrastructure and resources.

Oleksandr Lysak, Founder and CEO of the SETAFF project, notes:

“I had many offers, but I’ve chosen NetSolid for three reasons:

  1. The Fund’s approach to business is impressive.
  2. Our values in creating teams are very similar to NetSolid’s.
  3. By combining our efforts and expertise, we significantly increase the speed of achieving high results.

I believe this is one of the most powerful partnerships in our industry. When people with great experience unite, success is only a matter of time 🙂

The SETAFF project positions itself as a Trust Affiliate Partner. The company builds its business around two pillars — the team and partners. The team adheres to the healthy principles of remote work. There is a transparent organizational system, and the company appreciates its specialists. From the partners’ perspective, SETAFF is a reliable business companion with an individual approach. They always aim to reach a win-win decision.

NetSolid Investments is an investment fund with Ukrainian founders and European values. It focuses on projects in affiliate, traffic, and digital marketing. The fund offers business investment combined with operational and marketing expertise plus mentorship.

“It was one of the easiest decisions. When a team comes with such tremendous experience and is ready for new reinforcing achievements, we make a decision on cooperation and conditions quickly enough.

Oleksandr’s vision of NetSolid Investments as an irreplaceable partner that can implement a project with desired direction and scale indicates the correctness of the developed business culture and strategy. Nowadays, teams, projects, and businesses focus on investments not only in the form of money but mainly in the form of expertise, data, and infrastructure to accelerate their growth. And they get it from us to a sufficient extent. We are happy to start working together and expect outstanding achievements,”  comments Stanimir Dobrev, Managing Partner of NetSolid Investments.

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