Nevada Gaming Control Board: 2021-58 2021-04R: Notice Of Hearing For Consideration Of Proposed Amendments To NGC Reg 8.130 Regarding, Without Limitation, Transaction Report Requirements

By | June 14, 2021


The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) will hold a public hearing for the purpose of considering adoption, amendment or repeal of the regulation(s) stated below.

The public hearing will be held on or about the hour of 10:00 a.m. on July 22, 2021 at the following locations:

Gaming Control Board Office

1919 College Parkway

Carson City, Nevada 89706

and via video conference at the

Gaming Control Board Office

Grant Sawyer Building

Hearing Room 2450

555 East Washington Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
For Possible Action


PURPOSE: To amend the Nevada Gaming Commission (“NGC” or “Commission”) Regulation 8.130 to adjust the thresholds for reporting certain transactions to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (“Board”); To remove the requirement that the described financing agreement be submitted to the Board; To add provision to require that documents supporting the reported transactions be maintained by the licensee for a certain period of time and that such documents be provided to the Board upon request; To require a licensee to perform due diligence prior to engaging in a contractual agreement with a party that triggers the supplemental filing requirement described in subsection 8 of this section; To make non-substantive changes to the language of this section to conform with current drafting standards; To update references to other sections of the regulations; To remove operators of inter-casino linked systems; And to take such additional actions as may be necessary and proper to effectuate this stated purpose.

The proposed regulation changes will be considered by the NGC in accordance with the provisions of NRS 463.145, which provides that on the date and at the time and place designated, any interested person, or their duly authorized representative, or both, shall be afforded the opportunity to present statements, arguments or contentions in writing, with or without the opportunity to present the same orally.

These items will be heard by the NGC at the July 22, 2021 meeting, and may be continued and heard at subsequent meetings of the NGC as required to effectuate the above-stated purposes.

The proposed regulation language will be posted on the Nevada Gaming Control Board website

“Regulation Activity” page at: Any questions should be directed to Elijah Tredup at (702) 486-2137 or via email at [email protected].

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