Nevada Gaming Control Board Reveals Loosest Slots in Vegas

By | August 16, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew where the loosest slots in Vegas where? Well, thanks to the nice people at the Nevada Gaming Control Board, we do! Last week they released their annual chart which shows exactly which slot machines have the best win percentages for each of the 19 markets that they regularly monitor.

Based on that information, slot players can clearly see the best places to invest their gaming dollars. The highest winning percentage would then be the worst place to try your luck, while the lowest winning percentage would be the best. Of course, this is all speculative and subject to the variance of the games. Still, it’s about as close to scientific as you can get with a slot machine!

Most slot win percentages are very close, with only 2.96 percentage points separating the market with the highest win percentages to the market with the lowest. In the 2021 fiscal year the state’s nearly 121,000 slot machines kept 6.95% of the money that went into them. That means slightly over 93% of the money went back to the players.

If you go by numbers and probability, the worst place to play is downtown Las Vegas, where machines held 8.43%, meaning players won 91.57% of the money back. The Strip was slightly better at 8.03%, giving 91.97%. You can read all about the loosest slots in Vegas when you visit the Review-Journal.


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