New Fujitsu Portal Creates Real-time as-a-Service Neural Center for Online Gambling Industry Customers

By | September 13, 2023
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Fujitsu today announces its new uSCALE Customer Success Portal, offering customers in the global online gambling industry an unparalleled experience in seamlessly handling, analyzing and optimizing infrastructures.

The new portal allows online gambling operators and supplier to have visibility on system consumption data, order tracking, capacity management and forecast insights to fully utilize consumption-based, as-a-service resources. This fosters transparent cost structures, delivers effective expense monitoring and safeguards against unexpected cost escalations.

For enterprise users moving to cloud-based and managed infrastructure, retaining control over systems is a key priority. Although the apparent keen pricing of public cloud services attracts users, concerns remain around privacy, security and governance, especially among businesses operating in the online gambling space.

Enterprises also know that cloud-based services can lead to unpredictable expenses without strict management. Consequently, many enterprises are exploring alternatives where these risks can be more readily managed – especially on-premises, as-a-service consumption-based solutions.

Fujitsu’s uSCALE Customer Success Portal provides direct access to all relevant information about an organization’s uSCALE Service – cost, capacity and consumption across their data centers. This means better control and prediction of expenses and performance, with flexible scaling options to adapt to varying demands.

The centralized portal provides the data organizations need to make faster and smarter IT decisions, visibility over uSCALE-related expenses with on-demand access to billing and invoicing details and direct link to the dedicated Customer Success Manager.

The customer experience is enhanced substantially as all key information is just a click away, unnecessary costs minimized, and efficiency increased. Enterprises also gain a clear picture of organizational IT infrastructures and workloads. This assists in agile decision-making, with organizations empowered to adapt swiftly to market shifts, technological advances, and potential operational risks.

Nick McDonald, Senior Account Director at Fujitsu said: “With this new portal customers get clear visibility of what infrastructure they have, what they are using and what it’s costing, Basically Cloud like consumption on their own private infrastructure added to this customers don’t need any large capital outlays for infrastructure refreshes as well as helping to add to their sustainability goals by only buying and using the Infrastructure they need from the outset.”

The Fujitsu uSCALE Customer Success Portal is now available free to Fujitsu uSCALE customers in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

This complements the solutions and services Fijitsu offers to organizations in the online gambling sector, including hybrid cloud enablement, data center infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure, servers and storage global delivery and support of IT infrastructure plus AI workshops and enablement.

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