New Konami Slot Machines to be Unveiled

By | September 20, 2021

The upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is where the new Konami slot machines will be showcased, as well as their SYNKROS Anti Money Laundering program and technology for cashless gaming. The G2E will run from October 4th to 7th in Las Vegas.

The company will also be revealing its new DIMENSION 49 slot cabinet, as well as their DIMENSION 27 stacked screen cabinet, which both include a silver finish, a slant top, dual spin buttons, dual cup holders and wired and wireless phone chargers and help make Konami slot machines something different. Additionally, the company will be showcasing the new licensed slot series, BattleBots, based on the robot combat sport and reality TV show broadcast in over 150 countries.

The SYNKROS management system will also host live demonstrations during the event, showing new features aimed at cashless player convenience New and existing SYNKROS customers have access to new releases  such as table games, cashless wagering, login by phone number, built-in VIP host, and multi-site exclusion management, to name a few.

In a press release Tom Jingoli, Chief Operating Officer at Konami, said: “Konami is delivering winning developments to the casino floor in the immediate months and years ahead… From expanded SYNKROS contactless technology to new DIMENSION premium formats, Konami is adding even greater value to what is proven successful in the space.”

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