New Land Regulation Law Has Potential to Impact Nagasaki IR Plans

By | July 7, 2021
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The Nagasaki Prefecture has said that it is closely examining the impact of a new law that will restrict land use around important security facilities.

The prefecture is currently conducting an RFP for the development of an integrated resort in Sasebo City. Sasebo city is not only host to the candidate IR location of Huis Ten Bosch but also the location of many defense and US military bases. There are also many bases near Nagasaki Airport across Omura Bay.

The Critical Land Regulation Law was passed in June and covers a 1km area around facilities deemed important for security, such as defense force bases, nuclear power plants and remote islands near borders that are designated as special watch areas, regulating the use of this land. The law requires advance notification of the name and nationality of purchasers prior to the sale of land and buildings in such areas.

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