Nolimit City Rips on Through, with ‘Kiss My Chainsaw’ Release

By | April 11, 2023
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After releasing the macabre delight that was ‘Blood & Shadow’ – Nolimit City is gearing up to introduce yet another blockbuster of a slot into the world. While the provider is no stranger to unconventional themes, their newest release takes things a little further as NLC set out to hit the country roads right alongside the unsuspecting, chainsaw-wielding psycho known as “Chainsaw Larry” in their latest release, Kiss My Chainsaw.

In a world where online slot games often blend into one another, “Kiss My Chainsaw” stands out with its unique theme, exceptional gameplay, and nail-biting excitement. The base game is set on a comparatively straightforward 4×5 reel setup, where charged wilds can fuel up winnings and light up the screens with some massive wins.

The real highlight, however, has to be the thrillingly high-octane super bonus, “Chainsaw Larry Spins,” where the reels transform into a metallic contraption straight out of Mad Max, and everything takes a turn for the insane. Armed with an intoxicating blend of fear and fuel – as well as his chainsaw, Chainsaw Larry sets out to wreak havoc on the reels – acting as a Jumping Wild on his way to mutilate his victims with the familiar xSplit® mechanic, collecting sticky multipliers. Coupled together with those juicy charged wilds, this rushed frenzy of action will no doubt create some unforgettable experiences.

Players should brace themselves for a high-stakes ride, as KMC boasts an ‘Extremely Volatile’ rating, up there with all of the Nolimit classics which players have come to love. Most won’t survive a road trip with Chainsaw Larry, but those lucky few will bring him the “End of the Road” – and bag a maximum theoretical payout of 10,900 times the base bet!

Sebastian Hovenberg, Product Owner at Nolimit City, said: ”Grab some beer, take a smoke, and meet up some chicks for the road. As the laughter went on – as did the end of the road. Unknowingly for them – this was their Last Ride, but for now, it was time for them to Kiss My Chainsaw.”

Kiss My Chainsaw will be available to all Nolimit City partners from April 11th, 2023.

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