NuxGame adds new Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature to its platform

By | October 30, 2023
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NuxGame, the experienced betting and software provider, has unveiled the latest upgrade to its service offering with its Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature, allowing casino operators to efficiently oversee multiple sub-brands from a single main brand interface.

Addressing the complex processes associated with managing multiple interfaces, the latest addition to NuxGame’s software empowers operators to seamlessly streamline operations and manage their sub-brands under one roof.

This smoother process also extends to team workflows, where role-based access controls allow stakeholders to make targeted changes to facilitate efficient internal processes with high-level security.

In addition, the software allows for a customisable approach to Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) as it provides both consolidated and individual sub-brand insights, delivering detailed KPIs to operators. This centralised reporting also facilitates data-driven decision-making by formulating actionable insights across the entire brand.

The new update also allows operators to maintain consistency throughout all of their brands while empowering them to adapt to local market dynamics.

The Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature follows a string of recent new additions to NuxGame’s platform, including the innovative PVP Battles gamification feature.

Denis Kosinsky, Chief Operating Officer at NuxGame, said: “We are constantly innovating to improve our product output and maximise efficiency, helping operators focus on what matters most.

“Our new Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature eliminates the need for multiple management systems, streamlining operations and empowering our discerning customers to excel across all sectors of the industry.”

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