OKTO Enters into Partnership with Modulus

By | February 2, 2024
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OKTO has partnered with Modulus, the powerhouse in international gaming systems, to expand digital payments across Europe and Latin America.

This transformative collaboration enables operators at Modulus-connected venues to activate now lightning-fast digital payments for both deposits and withdrawals for their users, leveraging OKTO’s cutting-edge payment solutions. The integration introduces OKTO.DIRECT, the ultimate retail payment gateway offering hassle-free access to multiple payment methods. Additionally, the integration seamlessly incorporates OKTO.WALLET, providing users with enhanced convenience.

“At OKTO, we’re all about delivering next-level payments tech alongside responsible gaming practices. We’re glad for our collaboration with Modulus and we’re fully aligned, giving users and operators alike the smooth, immersive experience they crave for pay-ins and outs. This partnership is about raising the bar for gaming experiences across the board, and payments as the last mile of the experience is the most crucial,” Lawrence Levy, CCO of Latin America at OKTO, said.

“We’re excited to kick off this partnership with OKTO at this year’s ICE show. By integrating their advanced payment technology with our player-centric gaming Management system, we’re enhancing the gaming experience with seamless, secure transactions that prioritize player safety and security,” Marc Attal, COO of Modulus, said.

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