Optimove Releases Comprehensive NFL Betting Report: Illuminating 2023-2024 Bettor Intentions; Helping Guide Sports Betting Platforms to Boost Player Engagement and Loyalty While Ensuring a Safer Gambling Environment

By | September 5, 2023


Optimove, the leading CRM marketing solution for the iGaming sector, has released its Optimove 2023-2024 Report focused on NFL wagering intentions, brand loyalty and communications preferences.

Surveying 287 United States citizens who wagered on NFL football in August of 2023, the comprehensive report deeply analyzes respondents’ wagering intentions, brand loyalty and communication preferences. By providing insights into the behaviors and preferences of NFL bettors, it acts as a guide to sports gambling platforms to optimize their offerings, nurture player loyalty and promote responsible gambling practices while maintaining a safer gambling environment.

Of particular interest is that NFL bettors show deep engagement in betting as 61% of respondents said they make ‘live bets’ during the game. While NFL bettors have deep engagement while the game is on with 54% using two or more sites per week for betting and 18% use three or more.

This deep engagement in betting may result in the divergence in marketing fatigue between bettors and general online shoppers. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of bettors say they want fewer marketing messages compared to 66% of online shoppers.

Integrating a customer data platform (CDP) with a multichannel marketing hub (MMH) can drive brand loyalty:

The report provides key recommendations to sports gambling sites to enhance customer engagement and loyalty further while promoting responsible gambling practices. The core driver includes integrating a customer data platform (CDP) with a multichannel marketing hub (MMH) to implement highly personalized promotions and optimal delivery timing.

Pini Yakuel, the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Optimove noted that by aligning marketing strategies with these findings, sports gambling sites can effectively attract, engage and retain bettors while promoting responsible gambling behaviors. He added: “This report will help sports betting operators have top-line data on NFL season bettors’ intentions. Starting with data from bettors is the holy grail to assuring that marketing messaging is pertinent and timely. Operators who do not have a customer data platform seamlessly integrated into a multichannel marketing hub will struggle to keep bettors loyal. The survey results around live betting are a prime example of the importance of real-time communications and app updates that dynamically respond to game changes.”

Recommended actions for sports gambling operators:

First and foremost, sites should Integrate a customer data platform (CDP) with a multichannel marketing hub (MMH) for comprehensive insights. With that foundation, sports gambling operators can use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate personalized game recommendations based on historical data and real-time interactions. Plus, they can implement real-time event triggers for timely personalized messages during games. To unify the player experience, sports sites can deliver consistent cross-channel messages for a unified customer experience. These actions can help deepen brand loyalty before, during, and after the game.

Select Data from the report:

Marketing Fatigue: NFL bettors suffer less marketing fatigue – only 37% want fewer messages, in contrast with 66% of online shoppers.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of respondents said they make ‘live bets’ during the game: It underscores that betting platforms have multiple chances to engage betting fans after kick-off and before the final whistle.

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