PayRetailers Lands in Bulgaria, Expanding Operations and Establishing Development Hub in Sofia

By | September 7, 2023
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PayRetailers, a leader in payment processing solutions, has announced the upcoming opening of its new offices in Sofia, Bulgaria. This move reflects the company’s vision to strengthen its presence on the European continent while seeking to discover and capitalise on new opportunities in the global landscape.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, Chief Operating & Digital Officer at PayRetailers, said: “I am filled with a profound sense of excitement as I return to Sofia, a place of significant historical importance to me. My prior collaboration with exceptional professionals in this city makes me strongly believe in their potential to bring substantial value to PayRetailers. Our current focal point is reinforcing our technological infrastructure. We’re actively seeking adept software developers, skilled data engineers, and experts in security, infrastructure, and architecture – all pivotal areas. Concurrently, we’re searching for seasoned professionals to join us, especially in vital domains like Finance, Product, Data, Regulatory Compliance, and IT Management.”

Pellegrino highlighted that the company has designed an attractive differentiated value proposition to attract new talent, offering robust opportunities for professional growth, work flexibility and high-level training programmes. Furthermore, PayRetailers is firmly committed to diversity, inclusion and the physical and mental well-being of its employees.

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