Photon Fusion launches a new era of high-end multiplayer game development

By | March 17, 2022
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Photon, the leader in multiplayer technology, today released Fusion, its latest multiplayer game engine. Fusion ushers in a new era for high-end net code by delivering unparalleled performance compared to previous Photon engines and rival platforms. Smashing performance records, Fusion offers 6x the bandwidth performance and 30x less CPU usage on the server than competing multiplayer engines. Fusion’s performance increases the number of in-game players and objects to unprecedented levels, allowing professional developers to build games that will beat the leading AAA titles in terms of player count, complexity and simulation accuracy.

Fusion’s launch comes after several months of Beta testing by more than 1,000 game developers who have been taking advantage of the multiplayer engine’s new features for a more immersive and accurate gaming experience. This includes client-side and full physics prediction, host migration, lag compensation and the best replication systems available today with delta snapshots and eventual consistency. Combined with the Quantum deterministic engine, Photon now offers a complete suite of multiplayer cross-platform services covering mobile, console, VR and PC.

Fusion is the first multiplayer solution to power multiple network topologies over one consistent API, which provides unmatched flexibility for game developers. From a cost-effective client-hosted server, a stable Photon Cloud-hosted room, or a dedicated server architecture with 10000+ network objects at war, Fusion high performance makes it easy for you to scale.

“Today’s launch of Fusion heralds a new era for high-end multiplayer games,” said Photon Founder and CTO Christof Wegmann. ”This is the culmination of years of experience and testing with 1,000s of live multiplayer games. As games-as a service continues to grow, developers expect to enable millions of players to collaborate and compete seamlessly. Fusion delivers this as well as establishing a whole new benchmark for multiplayer game development.”

Photon Fusion key features

Fusion is the high-end state transfer netcode SDK made for professional teams.

  • Highest Player Count. Gives AAA developers the possibility to create new experiences up to 200 players or more.

  • 60Hz to 120hz. Tick Accurate Simulation. Much higher than in any current AAA games.

  • Lag Compensation. 100% accurate lag compensation with sub-tick accuracy.

  • Interest Management. Fast interest management that handles tens of thousands of dynamic objects.

  • Custom KCC (Kinematic Character Controller). Advanced and hyper-fast character controller to handle authoritative movement for hundreds of players.

  • Custom Animation Setup. Tick-accurate animation system built on Unity’s playables API.

  • Single Core. Runs on a single core on a modern bare metal server.

  • Templates for Key Game Genres. Get a head start with multiple templates for the various game genres.

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