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Quarter4, an AI-powered predictive sports data and analytics provider for media, affiliates and betting platforms, today announced a new partnership with Parleh Media Group, a digital media, content production and events company specializing in content for sports fans. Quarter4’s data analysis will inform content for The Parleh’s daily betting picks videos available on their owned and operated platforms and distribution partners. The one-year partnership begins immediately.

“This partnership supports the much-needed progression in this industry. Two Canadian companies are advancing the content available to sports bettors and fans across North America,” said Kelly Brooks, Co-Founder and CEO of Quarter4. “Parleh Media Group’s business strategy is extremely innovative and demands diverse analytics to support their scaling operations. This is especially valuable in a market like Ontario, where advertising regulations prevent matching offers, the traditional method used to attract bettors.”

Quarter4’s verified deep-learning neural network provides millions of insights for games and player matchups, including in-game probabilities that support micro-betting. This data is available via API, custom dashboard and most recently, embeddable products such as brackets, player-effect simulators and seeding-probability widgets. These diverse offerings ensure that companies at various stages can take advantage of the technology.

“Now we can easily move beyond producing the obvious content for the games with the largest fan bases by leveraging Quarter4’s data and insights to prioritize our daily betting picks videos to truly cover the best global bets each day,” said Mark Silver, Parleh Media Group founder and CEO. “We’re also thrilled to be Quarter4’s first partner in Canada, who, like us, are making an impact far beyond Canada’s borders.”

Quarter4 and the Parleh Media Group make it clear that while Canada is a priority market, the scale and vision of both digital companies is on a global scale.

“Our Canadian nationality is not the only thing we have in common with the Parleh Media Group,” said Danijela Covic, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Quarter4. “We are both pushing the boundaries of innovation in this global industry. Parleh Media Group is incredibly unique and has made sports betting content accessible and applicable to a diverse and growing market. We are proud to partner with their team to provide Canadians and the world with the strongest sports betting content on the market.”

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