Quickbit Partners with RightBridge Ventures Group

By | October 11, 2023
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Quickbit announced that it has entered into a partnership with the investment company RightBridge Ventures Group (RightBridge), which focuses on Esports and Gaming. The collaboration aims to utilise RightBridge’s expertise, market knowledge and reach within the Gaming segment to effectively expand the customer base for both Quickbit Pay and Quickbit App.

Quickbit has, as a result of its strategy and market work, identified Esports and Gaming as a segment with high potential for growth. Due to that, Quickbit is now increasing its focus on effectively penetrating the segment by targeting consumers, gamers, platforms and enterprises.

As part of that effort, RightBridge will assist Quickbit with its expertise to develop a strategy and execution plan to achieve rapid growth in Esports and Gaming. RightBridge will also implement Quickbit Pay as a solution in its portfolio companies where cryptocurrency payments are requested. This will create clear proof-of-concepts within the segment and also mean profitable business opportunities for both parties from the start. In addition, Quickbit App will be applied within RightBridge’s network, where there is a need for that type of product.

“The Esports and Gaming segment is growing rapidly and has an unusually high degree of maturity in terms of crypto usage. From Quickbit’s side, we see great potential network effects in being able to offer both consumers and businesses a platform to manage and transact with cryptocurrencies. With this collaboration, we drastically reduce the distance from identified to realized potential and look forward with excitement to the effect this can have on our growth in the coming year,” Jesper Sundström, Head of Growth at Quickbit, said.

“We are pleased that Quickbit has chosen Rightbridges Ventures Group as an advisor and strategic partner to help Quickbit enter the growing Esports & Gaming segment. This is a segment that accounts for a large part of crypto trading and with a very high degree of maturity when it comes to crypto payment solutions. Being able to include Quickbit’s crypto payment services in our portfolio companies’ service offerings helps them to strengthen the companies’ market position but also to accelerate Quickbit’s entry into Gaming and Esports. There is a great demand among our portfolio companies’ end customers to be able to buy products online with cryptocurrency,” Carlos Barrios, CEO of RightBridge Ventures Group, said.

“RightBridge Ventures will deliver support to Quickbit through a market strategy work and execution plan aimed at building Quickbit’s brand and increasing their transaction volume,” Carlos Barrios added.

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