Rivalry Expands Crypto Native Experience With Token Launch in H2 2024, Web3 Product Enhancements

By | May 28, 2024


Blockchain-Based Product to Position Rivalry Within Fast-Growing Crypto Gambling Segment, Drive Product-Market Fit Among Digitally Native Bettors with Increased Functionality and User Experiences

Rivalry, the leading sportsbook and iGaming operator for Gen Z, revealed Rivalry Token, a native crypto token on the blockchain to add increased functionality, economics, and user experiences across the company’s product suite, continuing Rivalry’s track record of innovation in online betting. The launch of Rivalry Token, anticipated to arrive in H2 2024, represents one of several forthcoming initiatives to position Rivalry in the crypto gambling market and better serve its core audience of 30-and-under bettors.

“Online gambling is the latest web-based consumer category being increasingly disrupted by blockchain technologies with greater speed, access, and functionality than their legacy counterparts,” said Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO, Rivalry. “Tech-savvy bettors are leading a behavioral shift towards more experiential and crypto-enabled gambling experiences that are taking wallet share from incumbents at an accelerated rate.”

“Rivalry is well-positioned to access the growth opportunity in crypto with a proven product set, a brand entrenched in internet culture, and a captive audience of digitally native users that are driving this economic renaissance,” Salz added. “The launch of Rivalry Token, alongside a broader expansion into cryptocurrencies, strengthens our product-market fit among an under-30 audience and positions us competitively to capture a meaningful share of this fast-growing segment of the market.”

Rivalry Token will be integrated within Rivalry’s product suite – from sportsbook to casino and more – with built-in properties to enhance the customer experience from end-to-end. Users can earn tokens through site activity such as betting and referring friends, which can be used on Rivalry to boost odds, participate in jackpots, and more to be detailed in the future. Rivalry Token will also be available on several to-be-announced crypto exchange platforms, trading under $RVLRY.

Rivalry Token creates a new dynamic relationship between player and house where every sports wager and casino spin, win or lose, is rewarded with a decentralized asset that can accrue value alongside player activity on Rivalry. The company expects its token will drive a meaningful increase in player engagement, loyalty, and advocacy by establishing more positive economic alignment and enabling customers to actively participate in product success.

Rivalry has today launched a pre-farming campaign where users can begin accumulating an interim currency through site activity and eventually social media which will be converted into Rivalry Token during the token generation event in H2 2024. Additionally, tokens will be distributed to all Rivalry accounts based on historical activity, rewarding loyal customers and creating a substantial reactivation opportunity for churned users.

Rivalry will also soon be adding greater support for other cryptocurrencies on its platform, allowing users to more easily bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other major cryptocurrencies. This will enable Rivalry to access a fast-growing audience gambling with crypto that is estimated to account for up to one quarter of global betting handle.

Following the official launch, Rivalry Token will be available for players to use on Rivalry in all of the company’s active markets excluding Ontario and Australia.

The company will release more information about Rivalry Token throughout the coming months, including commercial partners, token economics, and more.

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