Roobet Launches “Roobet Picks” NFL Quiz Game with a $250K Crypto Jackpot

By | September 13, 2023, the pioneering entertainment brand and free-to-play social casino, is celebrating the launch of a brand new Roobet Picks game by offering fans a chance to win a $250,000 jackpot, paid out in crypto, on their new free-to-play sports-focused predictor quiz launching with weekly NFL challenges.

Roobet Picks is just the latest example of Roobet’s unwavering commitment to its fans and players, offering multiple pathways to excitement and rewards. Available to most* NFL fans across the United States and worldwide, Roobet Picks provides a free-to-play weekly predictor quiz offering a maximum $250k jackpot, paid in crypto, to anyone who correctly guesses just eight multiple-choice questions correctly.

Participants who guess 8 questions correctly can win up to $250,000. True to Roobet’s brand promise of helping the world explore crypto, the jackpot will be paid in Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. is the embodiment of the Roobet brand’s aim to make crypto accessible for all – not just crypto enthusiasts – and empower connection through competition, building a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts to participate in their favorite sports in a whole new way.

Players can look forward to enjoying a variety of separate predictor quizzes on Roobet Picks, completely free, every day. Starting with American Football, Picks covers the biggest competitive sports in the world, ranging from the National Football League, the English Premier League, to esports and a Daily Game, with more leagues and competitions coming soon.

“ is our platform for launching more and more innovative ways for all fans from all corners of the world to hop in and have chances at amazing prizes, all completely free and with no risk, other than perhaps a bruised ego,” said Roobet co-founder Matt Duea. “Launching the Roobet Picks Predictor Quiz gives every sports fan a little extra action on every game, with nothing to lose. And look out, is adding even more ways to predict, play, and win every day.”

Available now to most* fans in the US and worldwide, Roobet Picks is a free-to-play prediction platform where players will be eligible for millions in cash prizes, paid out in crypto. The game is available on and uses a quiz-based approach where users answer eight questions about upcoming game outcomes and player performance. The more they get right, the higher their max potential cash reward.

* is available in all US states and territories except Kentucky, Florida, New York, Washington and Nevada, and worldwide except the United Kingdom, Australia, North Korea, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, India, Philippines, Malta, and Iran.

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