Room 8 Group Elevates QA Service Line with New Leadership Appointment and Global Expansion

By | September 4, 2023
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Room 8 Group, a global leader in external game development, unveils the latest advancements within its Quality Assurance Service Line. The company announces the appointment of Nick Burns as the Head of Quality Assurance, a pivotal role that will drive operational excellence, service innovation, client relationship development, M&A execution and worldwide expansion.

Nick Burns brings a 16-year legacy in the video game industry, having successfully delivered over 200 acclaimed video game titles across diverse platforms.

“I am thrilled to join the Room 8 Group team and embark on this exciting journey. Drawing from my extensive background in curating worldwide services encompassing art, animation, development, and QA, as well as my experience in leading and refining QA initiatives on a global scale, I am eager to contribute to the strategic development of the QA service line. Together, we will shape the future of gaming quality assurance and deliver unparalleled excellence to our clients and partners worldwide.” – Nick Burns, Head of Quality Assurance.

This appointment underscores Room 8 Group’s dedication to a client-first approach to its business, providing services and studios in line with client requests. With Nick Burns at the helm, Room 8 Group will continue to welcome new clients operating in the Americas time zone with a top quality QA team in Montreal.

“We view Nick Burns’ appointment as a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence. His proven ability to lead global teams and drive innovation in QA aligns seamlessly with Room 8 Group’s commitment to delivering top-tier services. With Nick on board, we are poised to elevate our QA Service Line to new heights, setting a benchmark for quality and innovation in the industry.” – Anna Kozlova, Room 8 Group  CEO.

Nick Burns’ appointment stands as a testament to Room 8 Group’s commitment to providing unparalleled service and driving innovation in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

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