Rules of playing pokies online for real money in Australia. How to avoid loss

By | December 10, 2021


Australians who have decided to play online pokies at a virtual casino and thus join the gambling rush, need to know where to start.

Online pokies are a slot machine simulator at online casino sites like the ones here – The essence of the game is to generate the machine’s symbols with a special mathematic algorithm based on the RNG.

With each spin of the reels, the symbols on the monitor can add up to a single winning line or other combination. Each slot machine is characterized by a certain payout percentage (market as a Payout in slot’s game rules). But the main goal of each gamer is to get the jackpot which can reach up to 10 million dollars!

The main rules you need to know before playing pokies online for real money

There are several key rules, adhering to which you can win by playing pokies online for real money in Australia.

  • Search for a legal virtual gambling club, where you will get a guaranteed payout (it is the main condition for a good game). Australian gambling operators, working illegally, most often use slots, where the payout percentage is less than 95%. As a result of the game most bets will be losing. On the site of the legal resources, the payout in slot machines and other games is higher than 98%. Before starting to play, it is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions of payment of winnings. On reliable resources players have access to demo versions of games, which allows you to get acquainted with the online pokies before playing for real money. Which is handy since you can play the game and develop tactics for winning strategy.
  • Choosing the right pokies. Today they are represented by a diverse range and differ from each other by the payout ratio, the number of paylines, reels, betting system, the complexity and type of game, etc. One of the main criteria for choosing the slot are bonuses at registration (the first time you’ve created account and registered). To encourage the player Australian online casinos often provide free spins or additional money on top of your initial deposit. Due to this player can make a larger number of bets than is allowed by their own bank.
  • Choice of time to play. It is true that the best slots game is the one that takes place after the end of the work week. After all, like other areas of entertainment, it is typical for online casinos to provide bonus days. Often, they fall on a calendar weekend when most users have time for entertainment and for gambling. On bonus days, virtual casinos can offer more freespins and other opportunities to play for free with chance to win real money. Also, jackpots may increase, increasing the number of winning combinations for the player. All this has only one goal – to give the gamer a chance to win a lot of money and extend his stay on the site as long as possible.

Be gamble aware

Choosing gambling as a tool for entertainment, you should not forget that it is just a way to distract from the problems of everyday life, to spend your leisure time excitingly, and not to make money. Also don’t forget that gambling can cause addiction, if you’ll have any signs of gambling addiction – contact a professional to solve the problem.

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