S2 GAMES Presents Announcement Trailer for its Brutal and Banworthy Project: Serial Hunter!

By | July 14, 2021
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The development studio officially shares the first trailer of one of its original productions – the brutal FPP game Serial Hunter. Developing premium-indie games, S2 GAMES won’t shy away from covering controversial topics in their upcoming titles.

S2 GAMES, a European-based development studio and game publisher operating in the premium indie segment, is officially announcing their first project: Serial Hunter, a brutal, uncompromising representation of the FPP genre, featuring a fearsome masked avenger.

In Serial Hunter, the player will play the role of John Doe, an investigative journalist who specialises in uncovering unsolved criminal riddles. Through his contacts in the police, street informers and deduction skills, he doesn’t only cover the news of the criminals loitering the city’s streets, but takes justice in his own hands, punishing those for whom the courts were too kind or others who escaped the hands of justice altogether.

“The truth is that someone like John Doe could very well be walking among us, amongst regular people, who day in day out hear terrible news reports, but are powerless to act” explains Mike Jadore, S2’s Game Designer and the original creator of the game. “However controversial, Serial Hunter’s lead character is the perfect storm of social frustration, angst and anger. John believes that too often punishment is disproportionate to blame. So? He takes matters into his own hands”.

As seen in the trailer, in Serial Hunter the player will become judge, jury and executioner. If someone thinks that cutting a hand with a chainsaw will be appropriate to the theft, one will be able to do so. But maybe it is enough to beat the thief and hand him over to the police? Or for worse crimes… eliminate? The severity of the punishment is sure to be strengthened by the John Doe’s rich arsenal of tools for the administration of justice, ranging from simple blunt weapons to construction and gardening tools.

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