SCCG Announces Strategic Partnership with Scrimmage for Sportsbook Loyalty and Rewards Platform

By | July 29, 2023


SCCG Management, a global leader in the gaming and sports betting industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Scrimmage, a cutting-edge rewards program and platform for sports betting operators. This partnership is designed to expand Scrimmage’s innovative sportsbook loyalty and rewards solution worldwide, leveraging SCCG’s strong global presence and extensive operations in every major continent.

Scrimmage builds betting operators gamified loyalty programs that are integrated directly into the operator’s app or website that are customized to their user base. Users on average bet 6x more frequently after participating in the loyalty program. Scrimmage monetizes when users choose to spend rewards back within the loyalty game, meaning the only cost to the operator is the reward amount they choose to share with their users.

Stephen Crystal, founder of SCCG Management, expressed great enthusiasm about the partnership. “Our collaboration with Scrimmage sets a new standard for the rewards and loyalty programs in the betting space” Crystal stated. “Their data-driven approach not only incentivizes active bettors but also remarkably increases player engagement and retention for operators. With SCCG’s extensive global reach, we are well-positioned to bring Scrimmage’s transformative solution to iGaming companies worldwide, further enriching the sports betting landscape.”

Dan Taren, Co-Founder of Scrimmage, added, “We are extremely excited to get started with the SCCG team and begin bringing our software to more sports betting and iGaming companies. Scrimmage builds operators’ gamified loyalty programs to reactivate and engage their users, increase retention, and attract the younger generation of bettors. SCCG is a perfect partner for us to bring this product to as many bettors as we can.”

This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for both companies, showcasing their commitment to revolutionizing the iGaming industry by enhancing the overall betting experience for users while delivering robust solutions for operators.

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